World Cup Most Extras In An Innings

World Cup Most Extras In An Innings

Cricket is a game of accuracy in both its batting and bowling aspects. Teams work hard to minimize errors while playing and try to give their best in important matches. However, under the pressure of this time, the best laid plans can go awry. In such a situation, the mistakes made by the players start appearing in the scorecard and the excesses start increasing.

During the ODI World Cup tournament, we have seen some exciting matches where the margin of victory was very small. The total extra runs conceded in an innings can have a significant impact on the final result of the match. The record of giving the most extra runs in an innings of ODI World Cup match is in the name of Pakistan team. Pakistan conceded a total of 57 extra runs in a match against India during the 2003 ODI World Cup. This includes wide ball, no ball and penalty run.

Most Extras In An Innings in ODI World Cup

*Last Updated on 21st November 2023

TeamTotalOversExtrasByesLeg ByesWidesNo BallsAgainstGroundDate
Pakistan26150.059563315ScotlandChester-le-Street20 May 1999
Zimbabwe25250.051142116IndiaLeicester19 May 1999
New Zealand24150.0474141712PakistanManchester16 Jun 1999
Pakistan31750.0463376KenyaHambantota23 Feb 2011
Kenya23550.04410313IndiaBristol23 May 1999
Bangladesh18550.04452811ScotlandEdinburgh24 May 1999
New Zealand16648.242323124PakistanChristchurch18 Mar 1992
Netherlands15639.340611176PakistanPaarl25 Feb 2003
England22148.4406268PakistanRawalpindi12 Oct 1987
Bangladesh22350.0405287PakistanNorthampton31 May 1999
India24945.039142410ZimbabweLeicester19 May 1999
Kenya17946.23916815IndiaDurban20 Mar 2003
Scotland18150.0399228AustraliaWorcester16 May 1999
South Africa22149.038111413PakistanNottingham5 Jun 1999
Bangladesh18249.2388255West IndiesDublin21 May 1999
Australia26549.538710147PakistanLeeds23 May 1999
England26950.038510221West IndiesJaipur26 Oct 1987
Pakistan22950.038112232West IndiesBristol16 May 1999
New Zealand20750.038151310PakistanDerby28 May 1999
Zimbabwe21760.03812377West IndiesWorcester13 Jun 1983
Scotland16738.537111178PakistanChester-le-Street20 May 1999
Kenya16649.337101413West IndiesPune29 Feb 1996
Australia35950.037212167IndiaJohannesburg23 Mar 2003
India24755.53713915AustraliaChelmsford20 Jun 1983
Kenya22950.03625254ZimbabweTaunton15 May 1999
Sri Lanka20136.53510223AfghanistanCardiff4 Jun 2019
New Zealand25348.235411164IndiaNottingham12 Jun 1999
West Indies20248.53518206PakistanBristol16 May 1999
Australia28250.035141011IndiaThe Oval4 Jun 1999
India25150.035481310New ZealandNottingham12 Jun 1999
Australia26750.034119131PakistanLahore4 Nov 1987
Zimbabwe16750.03416171EnglandNottingham25 May 1999
Bangladesh22749.0331923EnglandChattogram11 Mar 2011
Ireland32949.13351612EnglandBengaluru2 Mar 2011
Netherlands26249.4331261Sri LankaLucknow21 Oct 2023
Australia20734.032329New ZealandNagpur25 Feb 2011
England20439.03256138KenyaCanterbury18 May 1999
Netherlands24543.03210211South AfricaDharamshala17 Oct 2023
Sri Lanka19846.0326215ZimbabweWorcester22 May 1999
Sri Lanka21250.03215116PakistanPerth15 Mar 1992
Pakistan24950.0321967EnglandMelbourne25 Mar 1992
Pakistan27150.03263203ZimbabweThe Oval11 Jun 1999
Sri Lanka21642.33141287IndiaTaunton26 May 1999
Australia31050.03119129PakistanJohannesburg11 Feb 2003
India41350.0317177BermudaPort of Spain19 Mar 2007
Zimbabwe23960.0311876AustraliaNottingham9 Jun 1983
West Indies25260.031191011AustraliaLeeds11 Jun 1983
Zimbabwe17160.03141377West IndiesBirmingham20 Jun 1983
West Indies25850.030310161PakistanKarachi30 Oct 1987
Zimbabwe31250.03026139Sri LankaNew Plymouth23 Feb 1992
Netherlands21650.03041511U.A.E.Lahore1 Mar 1996
Sri Lanka32150.03031314BermudaPort of Spain15 Mar 2007
New Zealand24150.03012171EnglandLord’s14 Jul 2019
Pakistan16144.32916211BangladeshNorthampton31 May 1999
Pakistan13245.4293233IrelandKingston17 Mar 2007
U.A.E.19547.32941663South AfricaWellington12 Mar 2015
New Zealand15648.1296176West IndiesSouthampton24 May 1999
New Zealand32748.52945191IndiaWankhede15 Nov 2023
Pakistan21649.1291298Sri LankaPerth15 Mar 1992
Sri Lanka25249.22971471PakistanHyderabad (Sind)8 Oct 1987
New Zealand33150.0293215KenyaGros Islet20 Mar 2007
Sri Lanka26650.029110162PakistanColombo (RPS)26 Feb 2011
England21360.02911774IndiaManchester22 Jun 1983
Zimbabwe23141.0285167KenyaTaunton15 May 1999
Kenya20343.22812182CanadaGros Islet14 Mar 2007
Australia17245.2287147PakistanPerth11 Mar 1992
India27645.42813195PakistanCenturion1 Mar 2003
Netherlands13648.12826182IndiaPaarl12 Feb 2003
Zimbabwe16348.32811134South AfricaCanberra10 Mar 1992
India32950.0285212KenyaBristol23 May 1999
Zimbabwe23350.02811584South AfricaChelmsford29 May 1999
Australia30350.0286139ZimbabweLord’s9 Jun 1999
Kenya21050.028511102Sri LankaNairobi (Gym)24 Feb 2003
Netherlands31450.02842184NamibiaBloemfontein3 Mar 2003
Zimbabwe23557.0281774IndiaTunbridge Wells18 Jun 1983
New Zealand23859.52822213EnglandBirmingham15 Jun 1983
Pakistan18460.02861345West IndiesThe Oval22 Jun 1983
Bermuda15643.12712123IndiaPort of Spain19 Mar 2007
Pakistan22844.32739105AustraliaJohannesburg11 Feb 2003
Australia28849.02711241West IndiesNottingham6 Jun 2019
Pakistan22050.0279162AustraliaPerth11 Mar 1992
West Indies24450.02716137BangladeshBenoni18 Feb 2003
Pakistan27350.02727117IndiaCenturion1 Mar 2003
Sri Lanka25450.02711142IndiaPort of Spain23 Mar 2007
West Indies31550.02732202Sri LankaChester-le-Street1 Jul 2019
Sri Lanka22458.3278172PakistanLeeds16 Jun 1983
England16838.3263167ZimbabweNottingham25 May 1999
India18539.12613193West IndiesPerth6 Mar 2015
New Zealand21041.026211112EnglandGros Islet16 Mar 2007
Bangladesh32241.326125West IndiesTaunton17 Jun 2019
South Africa24344.2268468PakistanKarachi29 Feb 1996
Sri Lanka22245.1264778New ZealandSt George’s12 Apr 2007
Pakistan34548.226251Sri LankaHyderabad10 Oct 2023
Australia25350.02611357EnglandEden Gardens8 Nov 1987
Pakistan27550.02615155AustraliaLeeds23 May 1999
Sri Lanka27550.0267163KenyaSouthampton30 May 1999
U.A.E.28550.02646151ZimbabweNelson19 Feb 2015
New Zealand38350.026422AustraliaDharamshala28 Oct 2023
New Zealand40150.0268171PakistanBengaluru04 Nov 2023
India32650.0262222South AfricaEden Gardens05 Nov 2023
Pakistan26660.02611546West IndiesBirmingham11 Jun 1975
Australia27360.02611861West IndiesLord’s18 Jun 1983
Sri Lanka22937.0255173ZimbabweColombo (SSC)21 Feb 1996
Pakistan13239.02510132AustraliaLord’s20 Jun 1999
England17340.5251384AustraliaSydney5 Mar 1992
Zimbabwe28944.3259142West IndiesCanberra24 Feb 2015
Zimbabwe20749.42549111IndiaKanpur6 Mar 1996

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