Highest Score By Team In ICC World Cup History

Highest Score By Team In ICC World Cup History

The quadrennial ICC ODI Cricket World Cup is round the corner and it promises to be another action-packed edition filled with dramatic goals, high run totals and incredible bowling performances. One Day International is the most favorite format of cricket for most of the fans. It is not as technical and slow as Test cricket, and the players do not play as casually as in Twenty20. The ODI game lasts for a day and can be a good source of entertainment for the whole family, especially when the match is held on a holiday.

There was a time when 300 runs in ODIs was considered a big score, but those days are gone. Nowadays, registering 300+ team scores is almost a must to win the big games. Teams are also crossing the 400-run mark, that too in high-pressure World Cup matches. Till the last decade, crossing the 400-run mark was a rare thing.

The 2023 World Cup will start in October and every cricket fan must watch it. To further enhance your knowledge and gain some insight into the tournament, here’s a look at the list of highest team scores in the ICC Cricket World Cup.

*Last Updated on 21st November 2023

TeamScoreOversRRInnsOppositionGroundMatch Date
South Africa428/550.08.561Sri LankaDelhi07 Oct 2023
Australia417/650.08.341AfghanistanPerth4 Mar 2015
India413/550.08.261BermudaPort of Spain19 Mar 2007
South Africa411/450.08.221IrelandCanberra3 Mar 2015
India410/450.08.21NetherlandsBengaluru12 Nov 2023
South Africa408/550.08.161West IndiesSydney27 Feb 2015
New Zealand401/650.08.021PakistanBengaluru04 Nov 2023
South Africa399/750.07.981EnglandWankhede21 Oct 2023
Australia399/850.07.981NetherlandDelhi25 Oct 2023
Sri Lanka398/550.07.961KenyaKandy6 Mar 1996
England397/650.07.941AfghanistanManchester18 Jun 2019
India397/450.07.941New ZealandWankhede15 Nov 2023
New Zealand393/650.07.861West IndiesWellington21 Mar 2015
Australia38849.27.861New ZealandDharamshala28 Oct 2023
England386/650.07.721BangladeshCardiff8 Jun 2019
New Zealand383/950.07.662AustraliaDharamshala28 Oct 2023
South Africa382/550.07.641BangladeshWankhede24 Oct 2023
Australia381/550.07.621BangladeshNottingham20 Jun 2019
Australia377/650.07.541South AfricaBasseterre24 Mar 2007
Australia376/950.07.521Sri LankaSydney8 Mar 2015
India373/650.07.461Sri LankaTaunton26 May 1999
West Indies372/250.07.441ZimbabweCanberra24 Feb 2015
India370/450.07.41BangladeshMirpur19 Feb 2011
Australia367/950.07.341PakistanBengaluru20 Oct 2023
England364/950.07.281BangladeshDharamshala10 Oct 2023
New Zealand363/550.07.261CanadaGros Islet22 Mar 2007
Sri Lanka363/950.07.261ScotlandHobart11 Mar 2015
West Indies360/450.07.21Sri LankaKarachi13 Oct 1987
Australia359/250.07.181IndiaJohannesburg23 Mar 2003
Australia358/550.07.161NetherlandsBasseterre18 Mar 2007
New Zealand358/650.07.161CanadaWankhede13 Mar 2011
South Africa357/450.07.141New ZealandPune01 Nov 2023
India357/850.07.141Sri LankaWankhede02 Nov 2023
South Africa356/450.07.121West IndiesSt George’s10 Apr 2007
South Africa353/340.08.821NetherlandsBasseterre16 Mar 2007
India352/550.07.041AustraliaThe Oval9 Jun 2019
South Africa351/550.07.021NetherlandsMohali3 Mar 2011
Pakistan34949.571ZimbabweKingston21 Mar 2007
Australia348/650.06.961New ZealandSt George’s20 Apr 2007
Pakistan348/850.06.961EnglandNottingham3 Jun 2019
Pakistan345/448.27.132Sri LankaHyderabad10 Oct 2023
Sri Lanka344/950.06.881PakistanHyderabad10 Oct 2023
Australia342/950.06.841EnglandMelbourne14 Feb 2015
South Africa341/650.06.821U.A.E.Wellington12 Mar 2015
Zimbabwe340/250.06.81NamibiaHarare10 Feb 2003
South Africa339/450.06.781ZimbabweHamilton15 Feb 2015
Pakistan339/650.06.781U.A.E.Napier4 Mar 2015
England339/950.06.781NetherlandsPune8 Nov 2023
India33849.56.781EnglandBengaluru27 Feb 2011
England338/850.06.762IndiaBengaluru27 Feb 2011
Sri Lanka338/650.06.761West IndiesChester-le-Street1 Jul 2019
Pakistan338/560.05.631Sri LankaSwansea9 Jun 1983
England337/750.06.741IndiaBirmingham30 Jun 2019
England337/950.06.741PakistanEden Garden11 Nov 2023
India336/550.06.721PakistanManchester16 Jun 2019
Australia334/650.06.681ScotlandBasseterre14 Mar 2007
England334/950.06.682PakistanNottingham3 Jun 2019
Australia334/750.06.681Sri LankaThe Oval15 Jun 2019
England334/460.05.561IndiaLord’s7 Jun 1975
Bangladesh333/850.06.662AustraliaNottingham20 Jun 2019
England333/960.05.551Sri LankaTaunton11 Jun 1983
Sri Lanka332/750.06.641CanadaHambantota20 Feb 2011
Sri Lanka332/150.06.641BangladeshMelbourne26 Feb 2015
New Zealand331/750.06.621KenyaGros Islet20 Mar 2007
New Zealand331/650.06.621Sri LankaChristchurch14 Feb 2015
Ireland331/850.06.621ZimbabweHobart7 Mar 2015
West Indies330/850.06.61NetherlandsDelhi28 Feb 2011
Bangladesh330/650.06.61South AfricaThe Oval2 Jun 2019
Pakistan330/660.05.51Sri LankaNottingham14 Jun 1975
Ireland329/749.16.692EnglandBengaluru2 Mar 2011
India329/250.06.581KenyaBristol23 May 1999
South Africa328/350.06.561NetherlandsRawalpindi5 Mar 1996
Australia328/750.06.561IndiaSydney26 Mar 2015
Australia328/560.05.461Sri LankaThe Oval11 Jun 1975
New Zealand32748.56.692IndiaWankhede15 Nov 2023
England327/850.06.541IrelandBengaluru2 Mar 2011
Sri Lanka327/650.06.541ZimbabwePallekele10 Mar 2011
Sri Lanka32644.57.272South AfricaDelhi7 Oct 2023
Zimbabwe32649.36.582IrelandHobart7 Mar 2015
India326/550.06.521South AfricaEden Garden5 Nov 2023
South Africa325/650.06.51AustraliaManchester6 Jul 2019
Australia324/650.06.481KenyaBengaluru13 Mar 2011
Bangladesh322/341.37.752West IndiesTaunton17 Jun 2019
Bangladesh322/448.16.682ScotlandNelson5 Mar 2015
Australia322/650.06.441West IndiesNorth Sound27 Mar 2007
New Zealand322/750.06.441NetherlandsHyderabad9 Oct 2023
England322/660.05.361New ZealandThe Oval9 Jun 1983
South Africa321/250.06.421U.A.E.Rawalpindi16 Feb 1996
Sri Lanka321/650.06.421BermudaPort of Spain15 Mar 2007
West Indies321/850.06.421BangladeshTaunton17 Jun 2019
Australia320/960.05.331IndiaNottingham13 Jun 1983
Australia319/550.06.381Sri LankaCenturion7 Mar 2003
Sri Lanka318/450.06.361BangladeshPort of Spain21 Mar 2007
Scotland318/850.06.361BangladeshNelson5 Mar 2015
Pakistan317/750.06.341KenyaHambantota23 Feb 2011
Australia31650.06.322IndiaThe Oval9 Jun 2019
Australia31549.56.322South AfricaManchester6 Jul 2019
West Indies315/950.06.32Sri LankaChester-le-Street1 Jul 2019
Pakistan315/950.06.31BangladeshLord’s5 Jul 2019
Netherlands314/450.06.281NamibiaBloemfontein3 Mar 2003
India314/950.06.281BangladeshBirmingham2 Jul 2019
Sri Lanka313/749.26.342ZimbabweNew Plymouth23 Feb 1992
Sri Lanka31246.26.732AustraliaSydney8 Mar 2015
Sri Lanka312/147.26.592EnglandWellington1 Mar 2015
Zimbabwe312/450.06.241Sri LankaNew Plymouth23 Feb 1992
India311/250.06.221NamibiaPietermaritzburg23 Feb 2003
England311/850.06.221South AfricaThe Oval30 May 2019
West Indies311/650.06.221AfghanistanLeeds4 Jul 2019
Australia310/850.06.21PakistanJohannesburg11 Feb 2003
West Indies310/650.06.21PakistanChristchurch21 Feb 2015
England309/650.06.181Sri LankaWellington1 Mar 2015
South Africa309/850.06.182BangladeshThe Oval2 Jun 2019
New Zealand309/560.05.151East AfricaBirmingham7 Jun 1975
Zimbabwe308/650.06.161KenyaEden Gardens20 Mar 2011
Pakistan308/750.06.161South AfricaLord’s23 Jun 2019
Ireland307/645.56.692West IndiesNelson16 Feb 2015
Ireland307/447.46.442NetherlandsEden Gardens18 Mar 2011
Australia30749.06.261PakistanTaunton12 Jun 2019
New Zealand307/850.06.141NetherlandsVadodara17 Feb 1996
India307/750.06.141South AfricaMelbourne22 Feb 2015
South Africa306/650.06.121New ZealandJohannesburg16 Feb 2003

Frequently Asked Question

What is the lowest score in ODI Cricket World Cup?

The lowest score in ODI Cricket World Cup is 36, which was scored by Canada against Sri Lanka in the 2003 World Cup.

What is the highest score in ODI Cricket World Cup?

The highest score in ODI Cricket World Cup is 417/6, which was scored by Australia against Afghanistan in the 2005 World Cup.

What is the average score in ODI Cricket World Cup?

The average score in ODI Cricket World Cup is 249.6.

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