Lowest Team Score In ODI Cricket World Cup

Lowest Team Score In ODI Cricket World Cup

The ICC World Cup is held every four years and is a platform for teams to showcase high-level cricket. However, along with some of the top division teams, some of the smaller teams also get to play the biggest teams. However, not all teams get a chance to set the stage on fire and less experienced batting lineups against full-strength bowling attacks tend to put up embarrassingly low scores in ICC cricket world cup.

The ICC Cricket World Cup, a major international cricket tournament, has witnessed many memorable matches throughout its history. While some matches are known to be high-scoring thrillers, there are also instances where teams have suffered the infamy of making the lowest scores in World Cup history. In this article we will know about the lowest team score in ICC Cricket World Cup.

Canada – 36 vs. Sri Lanka (2003)

Canada Lowest Team Score In ODI Cricket World Cup

Canada top the list with a surprisingly low score of 36 against Sri Lanka in the 2003 edition of the World Cup. Prabhat Nissanka took four wickets for just 12 runs in 7 overs. Sri Lanka achieved the target of 37 runs in 4.4 overs only.

Namibia – 45 vs. Australia (2003)

Namibia Lowest Team Score In ODI Cricket World Cup

In the same edition of the 2003 Cricket World Cup, Namibia faced the mighty Australian team at Potchefstroom. The destructive pace of Brett Lee and the clever spin of Brad Hogg took the Namibian batsmen by surprise. Their collective struggle resulted in a dismal score of 45, making it the second lowest team score in World Cup history.

Canada – 45 vs. England (1979)

In the 1979 ICC Cricket World Cup, Canada again found itself on the wrong end. Playing against England at Headingley, their batting line-up collapsed due to a relentless attack led by Mike Hendricks and Ian Botham. Canada were bowled out for just 45 runs, cementing their place as the lowest team scorers in World Cup history.

Ireland – 77 vs. Sri Lanka (2007)

Ireland Lowest Team Score In ODI Cricket World Cup

During the 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup, Ireland faced a tough challenge against Sri Lanka at the Providence Stadium in Guyana. Sri Lanka’s experienced bowlers, led by Chaminda Vaas, wreaked havoc on the Irish batting line-up. Struggling to deal with the pace and swing, Ireland were bundled out for a total of 77, one of the lowest scores in World Cup history.

Scotland – 68 vs. West Indies (2015)

Scotland Lowest Team Score In ODI Cricket World Cup

In the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup, Scotland played out a draw with the West Indies in a group-stage match in Nelson. Facing an aggressive West Indies pace attack including Jason Holder and Andre Russell, Scotland suffered a batting collapse and were bundled out for just 68, their lowest team score in World Cup history.

ICC Cricket World Cup: Lowest Team Scores

*Last Updated on 20th November 2023

TeamScoreOversRRInnsOppositionGroundMatch Date
Canada3618.41.921Sri LankaPaarl19 Feb 2003
Canada4540.31.111EnglandManchester13 Jun 1979
Namibia4514.03.212AustraliaPotchefstroom27 Feb 2003
Sri Lanka5519.42.792IndiaWankhede2 Nov 2023
Bangladesh5818.53.071West IndiesMirpur4 Mar 2011
Scotland6831.32.151West IndiesLeicester27 May 1999
Kenya6923.52.891New ZealandChennai20 Feb 2011
Pakistan7440.21.831EnglandAdelaide1 Mar 1992
Ireland7727.42.781Sri LankaSt George’s18 Apr 2007
Bangladesh7828.02.782South AfricaMirpur19 Mar 2011
Bermuda7824.43.162Sri LankaPort of Spain15 Mar 2007
South Africa8327.13.052IndiaEden Gardens5 Nov 2023
Namibia8417.44.752PakistanKimberley16 Feb 2003
Sri Lanka8637.22.31West IndiesManchester7 Jun 1975
Netherlands9021.04.282AustraliaDelhi25 Oct 2023
Ireland9130.03.031AustraliaBridgetown13 Apr 2007
England9336.22.551AustraliaLeeds18 Jun 1975
West Indies9335.22.632KenyaPune29 Feb 1996
East Africa9452.31.792EnglandBirmingham14 Jun 1975
Zimbabwe9919.15.162PakistanKingston21 Mar 2007
U.A.E.10231.33.231IndiaPerth28 Feb 2015
England10341.02.512South AfricaThe Oval22 May 1999
Kenya10435.52.92West IndiesKimberley4 Mar 2003
Canada10533.23.151AustraliaBirmingham16 Jun 1979
Pakistan10521.44.841West IndiesNottingham31 May 2019
Bangladesh10835.13.071South AfricaBloemfontein22 Feb 2003
Sri Lanka10923.04.732IndiaJohannesburg10 Mar 2003
West Indies11046.42.351AustraliaManchester30 May 1999
Sri Lanka11035.23.112South AfricaNorthampton19 May 1999
West Indies11243.32.571PakistanMirpur23 Mar 2011
Bangladesh11237.03.022Sri LankaPort of Spain21 Mar 2007
Kenya11233.13.372PakistanHambantota23 Feb 2011
New Zealand11230.13.712AustraliaGqeberha11 Mar 2003
Netherlands11531.33.652West IndiesDelhi28 Feb 2011
Bangladesh11637.43.071New ZealandChelmsford17 May 1999
East Africa12055.32.161IndiaLeeds11 Jun 1975
Netherlands12034.53.442South AfricaMohali3 Mar 2011
Bangladesh12028.04.282CanadaDurban11 Feb 2003
Scotland12142.12.861New ZealandEdinburgh31 May 1999
Canada12236.53.312Sri LankaHambantota20 Feb 2011
Netherlands12230.24.022AustraliaPotchefstroom20 Feb 2003
Canada12342.12.912ZimbabweNagpur28 Feb 2011
Zimbabwe12340.33.032PakistanThe Oval11 Jun 1999
England12333.23.691New ZealandWellington20 Feb 2015
Bangladesh12431.13.971Sri LankaPietermaritzburg14 Feb 2003
England12549.12.542ZimbabweAlbury18 Mar 1992
India12541.431AustraliaCenturion15 Feb 2003
Afghanistan12534.13.651South AfricaCardiff15 Jun 2019
East Africa12860.02.132New ZealandBirmingham7 Jun 1975
Australia12938.23.362IndiaChelmsford20 Jun 1983
England12934.53.72IndiaLucknow29 Oct 2023
Netherlands12926.54.82AustraliaBasseterre18 Mar 2007
Namibia13042.33.052IndiaPietermaritzburg23 Feb 2003
Scotland13025.45.061AustraliaHobart14 Mar 2015
Bangladesh13143.52.982West IndiesBridgetown19 Apr 2007
Scotland13140.13.262AustraliaBasseterre14 Mar 2007
India13260.02.22EnglandLord’s7 Jun 1975
Pakistan13245.42.891IrelandKingston17 Mar 2007
Pakistan13239.03.381AustraliaLord’s20 Jun 1999
Zimbabwe13344.13.011KenyaBloemfontein12 Mar 2003
Sri Lanka13337.23.561South AfricaSydney18 Mar 2015
New Zealand13325.55.142AustraliaSt George’s20 Apr 2007
Kenya13449.42.691ZimbabwePatna27 Feb 1996
Zimbabwe13446.12.91EnglandAlbury18 Mar 1992
Ireland13437.43.552New ZealandProvidence9 Apr 2007
Pakistan13431.04.322EnglandCape Town22 Feb 2003
Zimbabwe13544.23.041IndiaWankhede17 Oct 1987
Sri Lanka13650.42.681EnglandLeeds20 Jun 1983
Canada13650.02.722South AfricaEast London27 Feb 2003
U.A.E.13648.32.81EnglandPeshawar18 Feb 1996
Netherlands13648.12.822IndiaPaarl12 Feb 2003
West Indies13638.43.512South AfricaChristchurch5 Mar 1992
Scotland13634.13.981NetherlandsBasseterre22 Mar 2007
Sri Lanka13629.24.631New ZealandCardiff1 Jun 2019
Zimbabwe13741.43.282AustraliaHobart14 Mar 1992
Sri Lanka13850.12.752PakistanNottingham14 Jun 1975
Canada13842.53.222PakistanColombo (RPS)3 Mar 2011
Canada13960.02.311PakistanLeeds9 Jun 1979
Zimbabwe13942.43.252AustraliaChennai13 Oct 1987
Afghanistan13934.442New ZealandChennai18 Oct 2023
West Indies14052.02.692IndiaLord’s25 Jun 1983
Kenya14038.03.681South AfricaPotchefstroom12 Feb 2003
Ireland14133.24.232South AfricaEden Gardens15 Mar 2011
Netherlands14250.02.841EnglandEast London16 Feb 2003
Kenya14243.43.251Sri LankaColombo (RPS)1 Mar 2011
Bangladesh14242.23.352NetherlandsEden Gardens28 Oct 2023
Afghanistan14237.33.782AustraliaPerth4 Mar 2015
Scotland14236.23.91New ZealandDunedin17 Feb 2015
Bangladesh14337.23.831EnglandBridgetown11 Apr 2007
West Indies14334.24.162IndiaManchester27 Jun 2019
Netherlands14550.02.91PakistanLahore26 Feb 1996
New Zealand14645.13.231IndiaCenturion14 Mar 2003
Kenya14736.04.082ZimbabweEden Gardens20 Mar 2011
South Africa14943.53.391AustraliaGros Islet25 Apr 2007
Pakistan15156.02.692EnglandLeeds16 Jun 1979
Zimbabwe15150.03.021West IndiesHyderabad (Deccan)16 Feb 1996
West Indies15133.14.552South AfricaSydney27 Feb 2015
Australia15132.24.671New ZealandAuckland28 Feb 2015
Australia15130.34.952West IndiesLeeds11 Jun 1983
U.A.E.15250.03.042South AfricaRawalpindi16 Feb 1996
England15244.33.412South AfricaRawalpindi25 Feb 1996
Kenya15244.33.411South AfricaAmstelveen26 May 1999
Afghanistan15232.44.652Sri LankaCardiff4 Jun 2019
New Zealand15335.04.372Sri LankaWankhede18 Mar 2011
England15448.03.21South AfricaBridgetown17 Apr 2007
Zimbabwe15445.33.381AustraliaNagpur1 Mar 1996

Frequently Asked Question

What is the lowest score in ODI Cricket World Cup?

The lowest score in ODI Cricket World Cup is 36, which was scored by Canada against Sri Lanka in the 2003 World Cup.

What is the highest score in ODI Cricket World Cup?

The highest score in ODI Cricket World Cup is 428/5, which was scored by South Africa against Sri Lanka in the 2023 World Cup.

What is the average score in ODI Cricket World Cup?

The average score in ODI Cricket World Cup is 249.6.

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