Dance Pluse Winners Prize Money (All Season 1 to 7)
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Dance Pluse Winners Prize Money (All Season 1 to 7)

If you are a dance lover then you definitely know about the show and here on this page we are going to tell you the names of Dance Plus Winners, Host and Judges. You can get everything under one umbrella.

As it is one of the popular shows whose first season was aired on 26 July 2015 on Star Plus and the tag line of the first season was “Ise Kehte Hain Dance”. The series is produced by Frames Productions. The format of the show is different from other dance reality shows as one can participate in the show individually, in pairs or in groups. The auditions for the show will take place across various cities in India. So, any common man of India can participate in the show and showcase their talent.

Dance Plus Season 1 Winner : V Company

dance plus season 1 winner v company

Runner UP: Question Mark Crew from team Sumeet

Captain Dharmesh Yelande’s team V Company won the title of Dance Plus in Season 1. V Company is from Vasai, Maharashtra, it is a group of 50 dancers and their dancing style is Hip Hop. Hardik Rawat, who was the second runner-up in the solo performer season, was also part of Team Dharmesh.

The winning team took home Rs 25 lakh as the prize money along with a Maruti Suzuki Swift.

Dance Plus Season 2 Winner : Tanay Malhara

Runner UP: Wild Ripperz Crew from team Dharmesh

It started on 2 July 2016, which was won by Tanay Malhara of Team Dharmesh. Wild Reparage created a record of achieving 8 consecutive dance plus in a season. Sushant Khatri of Team Shakti was the third runner-up. In this season, Captain Sumit Nagdev was replaced by Puneet Pathak.

With prize money of Rs 25 lakh and a car, Tanay managed to make his parents proud at a very young age while inspiring millions of others to do the same.

Dance Plus Season 3 Winner : Bir Radha Sherpa

dance plus season 3 winner bir radha sherpa

Runner UP: Amardeep Singh Natt from Team Dharmesh

The third season of Dance Plus was produced by Urban Brew Studios. It started on 1 July 2017 and ended on 24 September 2017. Dharmesh Yelande, Shakti Mohan and Punit Pathak were the mentors in this season. The show was loved for its unique format and stellar performances.

All the contestants gave scintillating performances and kept the audience engaged. The special guests of the show added to its appeal. This season’s special guests included Bollywood megastars like Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar.

Under the guidance of mentor Puneet, Bir Radha Sherpa managed to win millions of hearts across the country and won the final battle with Amardeep Singh Natt of Team Dharmesh and took home the prize money of Rs 25 lakh along with the gleaming Dance Plus trophy.

Dance Plus Season 4 Winner : Chetan Salunkhe

Runner UP: Sujaan and Aaanchel

Urban Brew Studios and Frames Productions have joined hands to produce the fourth season of Dance Plus. It all started on October 6, 2018. The season finale aired on February 2, 2019. This season witnessed not one but two hosts. Sugandha Mishra was seen sharing the stage with Raghav Juyal doubling the entertainment.

There were three mentors for this season, and their names were Dharmesh Yelande, Shakti Mohan and Punit Pathak. Chetan Salunkhe of Team Puneet became the winner of the season. He is from Pune, Maharashtra. Sujan and Aanchal from Team Puneet were the first runners-up. She did a contemporary dance. Vartika Jha, who performed in popping and hip-hop style, came second. The other contestants of the show were also extremely talented and the audience enjoyed their performances.

Dance Plus Season 5 Winner : Rupesh Bane

Dance Plus Season 5 Winner Rupesh Bane

Runner UP: Janam from team Punit

The show was aired on 9 November 2019 and was won by Rupesh Bane of Team Dharmesh. Sugandha Mishra joins Raghav Juyal as the host in this season 5. Karishma Chavan also entered as a captain in this season. The other two finalists were Sanchita and Subroto, and both Dipika and Rupesh were duet performers. In this season, Dharmesh Yelande’s team won the Dance Plus title 3 times and Puneet Pathak’s team 2 times.

Dance Plus Season 6 Winner : Harsh, Sneha & Tejas

Runner UP: Dhananjay Joshi 

The mentors of this season were Punit Pathak, Shakti Mohan and Salman Yusuf Khan. Yes, Dharmesh Yelande was missing in season 6 and everyone was surely missing one of the best mentors of the Dance Plus show.

The winner of Dance Plus Season 6 was Sneha Chakraborty and she was an amazing performer. She won the prize money of Rs 25 lakh and it was amazing. Her performance was mesmerizing and she was able to outshine many solo, group and duet performances.

Like other seasons, this OTT season too featured some of the best guests from Bollywood like Mithun Chakraborty, Yami Gautam, V Unbeatable, Prabhu Deva, Jacqueline Fernandez, Farah Khan, Arjun Kapoor, Neeraj Chopra, Kriti Sanon, Aishwarya Sharma and many more . from Bollywood. Many more superstars became a part of the Season 6 Dance Plus show.

Dance Plus Season 7 Winner : will be updated soon

Hopefully, this list of Dance Plus winners got you inspired to turn on the music and start dancing towards your goals! So, don’t give it a second thought. Just get up, start dancing and show the world, what you got.

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