Who hit 8 sixes in an over in cricket history?

Who hit 8 sixes in an over in cricket history?

It is often said that anything can happen in a game of cricket. Well something unreal was witnessed in one of the domestic leagues in Australia. When majority of cricket enthusiast & fans are all glued to the ongoing T20 World Cup, an action packed day was seen in Australia also.

Players with Eight Sixes in One Over

Lee Germon

This record was made by New Zealand batter Lee Germon for his First class team Canterbury in 1990. It was four innings Shell Trophy match between Wellington and Canterbury, in which Wellington scored 202 runs in the first innings of the match. In reply, Canterbury declared their first innings for 221 runs for the loss of 07 wickets.

In the second innings, Wellington scored a total of 309 runs for the loss of 06 wickets and declared the innings. So, Wellington set a target of 291 runs for Canterbury to win the match. Canterbury went for the chase in the last innings of the match. The last over of Canterbury’s innings was very dramatic when Lee Germon hit 08 sixes in an over. Apart from six sixes he also smashed 77 runs in that over known as one of the most expensive overs in cricket. Who was the unlucky bowler in that over? It was Bert Vance who conceded 8 sixes in an over.

Before Bert Vance came for bowling the last over, Canterbury was on 196 for 08 wickets. Lee Germanon was on 75 runs and at the end of the over he reached 160 not out of 143 balls.

This last over turned into drama and sensation when umpires lost track of legitimate deliveries of the Bert Vance over. There was confusion on how many deliveries he bowled “No Ball” to Lee Germon. After a lengthy debate between players and umpires, the match ended in a draw.

Sam Harrison

Australian cricketers have set numerous international records. One of these records is hitting 08 sixes in an over. Sam Harrison achieved this feat in the 2021 season of grade cricket. This was achieved in a match between Sorento Senior Club and Kingsley Woodwale Clube in Perth. Sorrento batted first and scored 276 runs in 40 overs. Sam Harrison and another batter scored centuries for Sorrento. Sam Harrison also hit 08 sixes in an over which is an excellent achievement.

Nathan Bennett was the bowler who bowled two no-balls in that 08 sixes over. On those balls, Sam Harrison also hit 02 sixes. Overall, he hit 48 runs in that over and almost all runs came from the sixes.

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