Survivor Winners Of All Season
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Survivor Winners Of All Season

It’s not an easy game but someone’s got to play it! Survivor first debuted in 2000, quickly becoming a fan-favorite and ratings juggernaut for CBS.

The reality series, which awards sole survivor $1 million each season after 39 days, has come a long way over the years. Host Jeff Probst, who has been at the helm of the show since its premiere, has been open to change as well as frequent changes in formatting, twists and new locations. Additionally, the show is not without its controversies.

Here is the list of all survivor seasons winner lists

SeasonSubtitleWinnerRunner UpLocation
1BorneoRichard HatchKelly WiglesworthPulau Tiga, Malaysia
2The Australian OutbackTina WessonColby DonaldsonHerbert River, Goshen Station, Queensland, Australia
3AfricaEthan ZohnKim JohnsonShaba National Reserve, Kenya
4MarquesasVecepia ToweryNeleh DennisNuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia, France
5ThailandBrian HeidikClay JordanKo Tarutao, Satun Province, Thailand
6The AmazonJenna MorascaMatthew Von ErtfeldaRio Negro, Amazonas, Brazil
7Pearl IslandsSandra Diaz-TwineLillian MorrisIsla del Rey, Pearl Islands, Panama
8All-StarsAmber BrkichRob MarianoPearl Islands, Panama
9VanuatuChris DaughertyTwila TannerEfate, Shefa Province, Vanuatu
10PalauTom WestmanKatie GallagherKoror, Palau
11GuatemalaDanni BoatwrightStephenie LaGrossaLaguna Yaxhá, Yaxhá-Nakúm-Naranjo National Park, Petén, Guatemala
12PanamaAras BaskauskasDanielle DiLorenzoPearl Islands, Panama
13Cook IslandsYul KwonOzzy Lusth &
Becky Lee
Aitutaki, Cook Islands
14FijiEarl ColeCassandra Franklin &
Andria “Dreamz” Herd
Macuata, Vanua Levu, Fiji
15ChinaTodd HerzogCourtney Yates & Amanda KimmelZhelin Reservoir, Jiujiang, Jiangxi, China
16MicronesiaParvati ShallowAmanda KimmelKoror, Palau
17GabonBob CrowleySusie Smith & Jessica “Sugar” KiperWonga-Wongue Presidential Reserve, Estuaire Province, Gabon
18TocantinsJ.T. ThomasStephen FishbachJalapão, Tocantins, Brazil
19SamoaNatalie WhiteRussell Hantz & Mick TrimmingUpolu, Samoa
20Heroes vs. VillainsSandra Diaz-TwineParvati Shallow & Russell HantzUpolu, Samoa
21NicaraguaJud ‘Fabio’ BirzaChase Rice & Matthew “Sash” LenahanSan Juan del Sur, Rivas, Nicaragua
22Redemption Island‘Boston’ Rob MarianoPhillip Sheppard & Natalie TenerelliSan Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
23South PacificSophie ClarkeBenjamin “Coach” Wade & Albert DestradeUpolu, Samoa
24One WorldKim SpradlinSabrina Thompso & Chelsea MeissnerUpolu, Samoa
25PhilippinesDenise StapleyLisa Whelchel &
Michael Skupin
Caramoan, Camarines Sur, Philippines
26CaramoanJohn CochranDawn Meehan &
Sherri Biethman
Caramoan, Camarines Sur, Philippines
27Blood vs. WaterTyson ApostolMonica Culpepper & Gervase PetersonPalaui Island, Santa Ana, Cagayan, Philippines
28CagayanTony VlachosYung “Woo” HwangPalaui Island, Santa Ana, Cagayan, Philippines
29San Juan del SurNatalie AndersonJaclyn Schultz & Missy PayneSan Juan del Sur, Rivas, Nicaragua
30Worlds ApartMike HollowayCarolyn Rivera &
Will Sims II
San Juan del Sur, Rivas, Nicaragua
31CambodiaJeremy CollinsSpencer Bledsoe &
Tasha Fox
Koh Rong, Cambodia
32Kaoh RongMichele FitzgeraldAubry Bracco & Tai TrangKoh Rong, Cambodia
33Millennials vs. Gen XAdam KleinHannah Shapiro &
Ken McNickle
Mamanuca Islands, Fiji
34Game ChangersSarah LacinaBrad Culpepper & Troy “Troyzan” RobertsonMamanuca Islands, Fiji
35Heroes v. Healers v. HustlersBen DriebergenChrissy Hofbeck & Ryan UlrichMamanuca Islands, Fiji
36Ghost IslandWendell HollandDomenick Abbate & Laurel JohnsonMamanuca Islands, Fiji
37David vs. GoliathNick WilsonMike White & Angelina KeeleyMamanuca Islands, Fiji
38Edge of ExtinctionChris UnderwoodGavin Whitson & Julie RosenbergMamanuca Islands, Fiji
39Island of the IdolsTommy SheehanDean Kowalski & Noura SalmanMamanuca Islands, Fiji
40Winners at WarTony VlachosNatalie Anderson & Michele FitzgeraldMamanuca Islands, Fiji
41Survivor 41Erika CasupananDeshawn Radden & Xander HastingsMamanuca Islands, Fiji
42Survivor 42Maryanne OketchMike Turner & Romeo EscobarMamanuca Islands, Fiji
43Survivor 43Mike GablerCassidy Clark & Owen KnightMamanuca Islands, Fiji
44Survivor 44Yamil ‘Yam Yam’ ArochoHeidi Lagares-Greenblatt & Carolyn WigerMamanuca Islands, Fiji

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Survivor winner determined?

When only nine players are left, the contestants who are subsequently voted off begin to form the “jury” (eventually consisting of seven members), observing each tribal council and ultimately determining the winner (the “sole survivor”) by voting during the last show to eliminate one of the final two contestants.

Has anyone won Survivor without being voted for?

Eleven winners have won without ever having a single vote cast against them during their winning season: Tina Wesson, Ethan Zohn, Brian Heidik, Sandra Diaz-Twine (in Pearl Islands), Tom Westman, J.T. Thomas, John Cochran, Natalie Anderson, Nick Wilson, Tony Vlachos (in Winners at War), and Mike Gabler.

Who won fan favorite Survivor?

Yul Kwon was among the first universally loved winners. He competed in Survivor: Cook Islands and won in a tight vote.

Who invented Survivor?

Only a handful of people are credited with changing the face of television. The mercurial Brit Charlie Parsons, creator of “Survivor,” is one of them.

Who is the best Survivor female winner?

Sandra Diaz-Twine is the best Survivor winner by virtue of being the first player to win the game twice.

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