Best Gaming Influencers On Instagram

Best Gaming Influencers On Instagram

Looking at an industry that has evolved over the years and only seems to be getting bigger and bigger, especially with many people at home this year, gaming is one space that is prominent within the influencer scene. With so many different games, consoles, tournaments, and platforms out there, the number of interesting gaming influencers is limitless.

Implementing well-thought-out advertising campaigns with popular games including League of Legends, Fortnite, The Sims and Animal Crossing, which have used in-game concerts, fashion shows and tackle topics including sustainability and diversity, it is truly a There is an area that can strengthen effect. Behind all these games, live the faces of many interesting influencers who are dedicated, passionate and creative within their sport of choice.

Within this edition of The Top 10 Influencers, we will be digging into the world of Gaming Influencers.


Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, popularly known as PewDiePie, is a famous Swedish gamer and YouTuber known for his video game and comedy videos. Regardless of the genre, he is one of the most well-known gaming YouTubers and video creators.

They started by creating video game walkthroughs and reviews, but now focus on more personality-based content such as sarcastic comments, reaction videos, and meme roundup videos.

Mark Fischbach

He is a YouTuber from United States of America. Mark Edward Fischbach, also known as @Markiplier on Instagram, creates videos ranging from quality content to meme-worthy trash, scary games to full interactive movies. He relocated from Honolulu, Hawaii to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he began his career. His net worth is $14 million.


DanTDM is a well-known author and YouTuber as well as a professional gamer. Dan began uploading Minecraft videos and sharing comprehensive game reviews in 2012.

Dan has progressed from Minecraft to other games such as Fortnite, Roblox and Rocket League, all of which have proved extremely popular among his fans. He is a well-known gaming influencer, attracting both players and brands.


Tyler Bolvins, better known as Ninja, is an American Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and professional gamer. He currently plays Fortnite, Valorant and Warzone. He is also known for his goofy energetic personality and his incredible impressions. He followed his father’s footsteps in playing the game and took it to the professional level. Now, people recognize him as the best Fortnite player in the world.

Tyler started his streaming journey with Twitch. However, after Mixer was shut down, he returned to Twitch and became a full-time streamer. In 2019, Ninja announced that it would be changing its streaming platform from Twitch to Mixer.

Tyler is the first person whose channel went from 1 million to 10 million subscribers in 100 days without a music channel. As a successful YouTube streamer, Ninja has been nominated for several important awards including the annual Streamy Awards (Live Streamer Category).

Sean McLoughlin

Sean William McLaughlin, an Irish gaming YouTuber better known as @Jacksepticeye on Instagram, was born on February 7, 1990. He is best known for his humorous Let’s Play series and vlogs.


Rachel “Rae” Hofstetter (born January 8, 1992), better known as Valkyra, is one of the most viewed American gaming YouTubers and streamers and one of the best gaming influencers on Instagram. She was named “Gaming Creator of the Year” by Adweek and has received a Game Award.

Matthew Patrick

The Game Theorists YouTube channel, which analyzes major video game franchises such as Minecraft and Five Nights at Freddy’s, is run by Matthew Patrick. His YouTube videos, such as the one in which he explains why Minecraft is so popular, are popular among gamers and gaming companies looking to improve their own products.

Matthew is very excited about hosting the live charity stream. In just one live webcast, he raised over $3 million for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Alia Marie Shelesh

Alia Marie Sailesh is the next influencer on our list. He is a successful gaming influencer with over 5 million Instagram followers. She is paving the way for female gaming influencers and breaking major stereotypes.

Alia has been a gamer since childhood, when she got her first PlayStation at the age of six and since then there has been no looking back.


Jelly Van Vucht, better known as Jelly, is a professional streamer and gamer best known for his Grand Theft Auto V, Minecraft and Fortnite videos.

He is one of the most streamed content creators on the planet. Before starting his YouTube channel in 2014, Jelly collaborated with fellow YouTubers, Aquib and Kwebbelkop. Together all three were called ‘strong’. However, Aqib left the group in 2014, and American YouTuber Slogo joined. After that, the new trio started making funny gaming videos on YouTube.


Kayla (aka Somerset) is a Fortnite and Fall Guys pro on Twitch. She’s especially popular with the Gen Z crowd – they love her creative content. She’s also a master of the Instagram selfie, and uses the platform to share gaming posts as well as partner content from brands like Hollister and Madrina.

Since the beginning of this year, this gaming influencer has accumulated 200k followers on Twitch and 40k followers on YouTube, boasting a 16% engagement rate on Instagram over the past few weeks: head-spinning statistics that show just how much he is a hit.

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