Most Popular Yoga Influencers In The World

Most Popular Yoga Influencers In The World

Yoga is a physical and mental practice that has been around for thousands of years, and there is no doubt that it has taken the world by storm in recent years. With its calming and euphoric effects, it’s no wonder so many people have taken to practicing it. And what better way to attract interested people to yoga than by enlisting the help of some of the most influential yoga practitioners around?

Yoga influencers not only teach traditional yoga postures but also encourage their followers to experiment with new styles and techniques. Regardless of their background or experience level, these yoga and wellness influencers have something unique to offer in terms of advice and inspiration when it comes to yoga. And if you’re a brand looking for a brand ambassador, they can be a great option to promote products in the health and wellness space.

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Shona Vertue

Best yoga influencers: inspiring yogis to follow to deepen your practice

Shona Vertue is the woman credited with introducing David Beckham to yoga and her no-nonsense approach to health and wellness is, frankly, a breath of fresh air. The Australian native and former gymnast recently returned to London – which she calls “home home” – after a stint in Oz. Follow her for sensible strength training advice, a balanced health psychology, and yoga and mobility tips.

Holly Bentley

Best Yoga Influencers On Instagram

Holly Bentley is an American yoga influencer who also posts about motherhood issues on her account. She has 120k followers and tries to inspire women, especially mothers, to practice yoga and improve their physical and mental health.

Adriene Mishler

With over a 1.3 million followers on her Instagram account, Adrienne Mishler is the certified queen of online yoga! Based in Texas, USA, she became a well-known name in the industry when she launched her YouTube channel, Yoga with Adrienne, in 2012.

She now has over 10 million subscribers and part owns the yoga video subscription service Find What Feels Good.

Peter Walters

Yoga Influencers and Bloggers on Instagram

Living in California, Peter Walters is a Heartfulness Yoga teacher and an avid health enthusiast. He also calls himself a “blissful student of life” and this is all a post to shower his vibrant spirit on you. and that’s not all. Peter is also very entertaining and jovial. He is uplifting yoga and good source for everyone to connect with. Here you can check his instagram feed.

Laura Sykora

Laura’s Passion For Yoga Raised To A Level 1 Barron Baptiste Power Flow Yoga Videos – VHS! Now a wife, mother, and “Instayogi” celebrity with over 900,000 followers, she practices yoga daily to find peace in her busy life. She’s also one half of the team at Two Fit Moms, a funky site Laura started with her fellow yogi and longtime best friend Masumi Goldman.

Sjana Elise Earp

Can you think of a more beautiful yoga backdrop than tropical greens and emerald water in Australia? Australia native Sjana Elise Earp will bless your feed with poses that’ll instantly motivate you to grab your yoga mat. (Plus, some of her yoga is done underwater!) Earp, a yoga instructor at Yoga Loft in Newcastle, Australia, is certified by Yoga Alliance, the world’s largest nonprofit yoga association that certifies teachers and schools.

Her emotive captions will bring you a sense of calm amid the overstimulation that makes up social media. Follow Earp’s account for a breath of fresh air and check out her free yoga classes on YouTube.

Cat Meffan

Cat is the founder of the yoga platform My Soul Sanctuary and regularly conducts holistic retreats both in the UK and abroad, which focus on nurturing body and spirit through movement and meditation. Follow her for positive and inspiring vibes that will encourage you to take your flow to the next level.

Victoria Gibbs

Most Popular Yoga Influencers In The World

If you’re looking for inspiration or want to take your practice to the next level, you’re sure to be inspired by Victoria Gibbs. Not only does her feed look aesthetically stunning, but the perfection of her poses is incredible.

It’s not surprising when you consider she’s a competitive yoga athlete and a four-time New York Regional Champion. She even qualified to represent the US at the International Yoga Sport Federation in 2018.

Karla Tafra

The Best Yoga Influencers On Instagram

Based in Washington DC, Karla Tafra is an exquisite yoga teacher, nutritionist, writer, and wellness coach. Delicate strength couldn’t look more graceful and beautiful than on Karla’s Instagram page. Her yoga is inspiring, moving, and artistically captivating.

Stylish quality leggings, athletic crop tops, ripped-back tops and so many beautiful yoga outfits – picture-perfect post after post. Karla’s precise moves, contemporary yoga apparel style, perfect scenes, and uplifting captions like “just because something seems impossible, it doesn’t mean it actually is and that you shouldn’t try to achieve it”, all reward her the attention and influence that she has developed.

Kerri Verna

Kerri is a yoga instructor who loves to teach on the beach! As a mother of two young boys, she understands the value of staying fit, which has led her to pursue five different fitness certifications, including Pilates and personal training. She can usually be seen on Instagram doing amazing yoga poses around West Palm Beach.

Mathieu Boldron

Most Life-Inspiring Yoga Influencers & Creators Across The World

Mathieu Boldron has been practicing yoga for over 13 years, after discovering the practice while preparing for a role in the Broadway musical The Lion King in Paris. After becoming a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, he now teaches yoga retreats, workshops, teacher trainings, and classes around the globe.

He also offers yoga mentoring to yogis who want to turn their practice into a sustainable career. And he is cofounder and owner of Lomey Yoga in Paris. Boldron’s classes are available on the online platforms Alo Moves and TINT Yoga.

Hannah Barrett

Hannah Barrett is a London-based yoga teacher who holds classes both in person and online via the Hannah Barrett Yoga app. This year she has also published her own book, Yoga Happy, which offers tips on building inner strength and resilience, enhanceing your yoga practice, and generally finding calm.

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