Top 10 TikTok Crypto Influencers to Follow

Top 10 TikTok Crypto Influencers to Follow

With one billion monthly active users, TikTok remains one of the most popular social media platforms today. Although it started as a place to share content primarily for entertainment purposes, TikTok is fast becoming a popular platform for educational content. Now we see more and more videos on DIY, useful tips, educational tutorials and clever advice for almost everything.

If you are interested in cryptocurrencies or interested in learning more about it, TikTok is a veritable treasure trove of content on every crypto related topic. While there are already many crypto influencers on other social media platforms, there are also many people on TikTok that are worth following.

If you want to gain valuable insight on the latest crypto trends and explore the land of crypto space, here are the top 10 TikTok crypto influencers to follow this year.

TheWolfOfBitCoins (@thewolfofbitcoins)

thewolfofbitcoins Crypto Channel for NFT Investors

Although it is quite shy towards Bitcoin Wolf Camera, it has become famous on TikTok with 246k and 3.5 million likes. While he may be relatively new to TikTok, he has been active on other social media platforms, mainly Instagram. Actually, he creates his content for Instagram but shares it on Tiktok. His content on cryptocurrencies and bitcoin has gone viral on TikTok and his current follower count on Instagram has crossed 78K.

Crypto Mason (@cryptomasun)

Crypto Mason Popular Crypto Influencer Offering Market Insights

Mason Versluis is one of the best TikTok crypto accounts to stay informed about the latest trends and developments in the market. His account has over 1.2 million followers and provides a wide variety of content in different areas of the crypto market. For example, Versluis often uploads videos that reference a news article and explain how the event could affect the crypto market. Additionally, he explores the various cryptocurrencies available in the market and evaluates their prospects.

Crypto Cita (@cryptocita)

Known outside the industry as Alina Pak, Crypto Cita is passionately spreading the crypto gospel and brings a humorous yet informative perspective to it. Their content mainly focuses on trade and mining. However, she regularly shares tips and educational material about the trillion-dollar market.

Crypto Cita Best TikTok Account for Crypto Miners

Crypto Cita’s videos are simple and easy to understand. It is an ideal starting point for newcomers seeking accurate information about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Even expert traders will find her page refreshing as she constantly provides unknown tips and strategies on how to make money in the markets. News updates are also a part of their content.

Wendy O (@cryptowendyo)

Wendy O Crypto Influencer To Follow for Investment Tips

Wendy has several focuses on her channel, all under the umbrella of cryptocurrency education. She is an avid and experienced investor himself, so most of the content focuses on investment portfolios.

She has several videos in her portfolio on the topics of taxes and risk management, so this is a great article for anyone who is interested in investing but has some reservations before getting involved. She is also involved in the crypto community and regularly participates and promotes crypto events or other educators on various platforms. This is a great account for a holistic view of blockchain and everything related to it.

CryptoKang (@cryptokang.reborn)

cryptokang TikTok Channel To Learn About Cryptocurrency

CryptoKang has expanded his huge TikTok and Instagram followers. His cryptocurrency-related videos are among the most popular on the network, and he quickly attracts new followers. Watch his videos on the latest currencies and protocols to diversify your cryptocurrency holdings. He also creates a lot of content regarding obscure tokens. Opening his current video library is like cracking a surprise egg; There’s always something new that you haven’t heard before.

The variety of wit that you will surely enjoy is another aspect that makes CryptoKang worth following. He’ll make you laugh with his humor, whether he’s discussing important cryptocurrency investing or a ridiculous topic completely unrelated to cryptocurrency.

Girl Gone Crypto (@girlgone_crypto)

Girl Gone Crypto Crypto Influencer To Follow for Investment Tips

Lea Thompson (Girl Gone Crypto) has over 35k followers and is an emerging crypto influencer. She uses the platform to keep her audience informed about the latest crypto news. Lea has developed content in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries using her marketing and production experience to bring this area closer to a general audience. She attends crypto conferences around the world, where she develops connections.

Crypto Projects (@cryptoprojects)

Crypto Projects TikTok Crypto Account for Fundamental Analysis

Cryptoprojects is one of the most popular cryptocurrency TikTok channels in the market with over 1.4 million followers. This account is best suited for those looking for a professional perspective on the cryptocurrency sector. The channel regularly uploads videos on the fastest growing cryptocurrencies to keep an eye on. For this reason, subscribing to this channel is a great way to learn about new cryptocurrencies.

MacNCheeasy (@MacNCheeasy)

MacNCheeasy Crypto Influencer Covering Web3 Space

MacNCheeasy is an incredible crypto TikTok entertainer. He creates content related to news such as Mark Cuban leaking his holdings and China banning BTC. If you’re just looking for entertainment and want to see how promoted content transfers from different platforms, MacNCheeasy is a good option. If you’re looking for something more advanced or technical, other crypto TikTokers may be a good option.

Joshua Jake (@itzjoshuajake)

Joshua Jake Best TikTok Crypto Account for Beginners

It is a respected and popular source for the latest crypto and web3 news. His content ranges from updates to informative pieces, market insights, trading tips and general educational videos. To help viewers understand complex ideas effortlessly, Joshua Jakes tracks trends and designs them perfectly to deliver his message. His trading videos include guides on how to get started, the best coins to buy in a specific period, and project reviews. Joshua Jakes is dedicated to helping you make your first crypto purchase. And, as part of their long-term sustainability plan, their content includes interviews with industry leaders, updates about AI, and traditional financial news coverage.

Joshua Jakes consistently debunks false news, providing his thousands of followers with verifiable and accurate information on everything crypto-related, including the best cryptocurrencies to watch, BTC market updates, and all the latest in DeFi, XRP, ETH, Dogecoin, and more. Includes analysis of trends. And the crypto world as a whole.

RealBitBoyCrypto (@realbitboycrypto)

RealBitBoyCrypto TikTok Account to Follow to Spot Trending Cryptos

BitBoyCrypto has already established a strong presence on YouTube as one of the top crypto channels on the platform. The BitBoyCrypto TikTok account is an extension of the YouTube channel, offering similar content, but in a shorter format. The channel is run by Ben Armstrong, an experienced crypto trader and investor. His content extends to crypto market analysis, insights and his own speculations about the future trajectories of various digital coins.

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