Most Popular Women's Sports

Most Popular Women’s Sports

Learning skills, getting fit and experiencing social interaction through meeting new friends are just some of the benefits that girls get from playing sports. Most sports require the participation of a team, although they have varying activity levels and speeds. To guide and help the young women of America in deciding the right sport for them, it is better to know what sport interests them and what equipment is needed to participate in such sport.

Below are the 10 most popular and best sports for womens.

Cross Country

This is another type of sport that involves competing alone or with a platoon. Cross country involves running indoors or outdoors that cuts across different types of terrain. Plus, running shoes are the only gear included in the sport.

Cross Country Most Popular Women's Sport

Girls all over the world enjoy participating in sports. This organized sport develops essential life chops for young athletes like a cohort, sportsmanship, discipline, timing and emotional handling. Every girl around the world can find a sport she enjoys, either alone or in a group.

Field Hockey

It is like ice hockey, except it is played with a ball on a grass field instead of a puck. Sharing well with your team depends on your ability to communicate effectively and coordinate your movements.


Golf Most Popular Women's Sport

If you are into a less strenuous and relaxing type of sport, this one is for you. In addition to swinging the club, walking is also included, which serves as your form of exercise from hole to hole; however, many golfers use motorized carts to move around. The club set is the most important piece of equipment in the game.


For players who don’t enjoy the constant commotion, this game is ideal. Softball is less intense but still involves hand-eye coordination as well as the combined strength of the upper and lower body. Playing softball requires only basic gear such as clubs, softballs and gloves. Softball is one of the best sports for girls to play.


Lacrosse Most Popular Women's Sport

This traditional play requires many figures in costumes. Away from the ball and lacrosse stick, players are required to wear helmets that include technical eye protection. Running this game requires a lot, not only that; It involves a heavy load of eye-cooperation to be able to get the ball out of the goalkeeper’s net into the mid-field.


Swimming is one type of sport that is the most versatile; It can be played in a team or individually. The best-known form of this competitive swimming involves racing with a specific type of stroke. In this type of sport, all you need are googles, a swimsuit, and a swim cap to enter the competition.


This game is great for athletes who prefer to play alone or with only two platoons. Tennis is a fast-paced sport with fewer serves than other traditional sports. And, it only requires two items of clothing, which are chatterboxes and tennis balls.


Volleyball Most Popular Women's Sport

In this game, there should be six participants in each platoon, and there is a net between the two sides. To score a goal, you have to put the ball into the opposing team’s goal. Indoor volleyball is played more often than its beach counterpart. This activity requires a ball and some knee pads.

It is a sport that develops mental alertness and stretches their physical limits. Because volleyball does not demand the high skill level that some other sports can, it is easy for anyone to start playing. Volleyball is one of the most popular women’s sports.


This sport is, ideally, for athletes who enjoy fast-paced sports that involve coordination, upper-body strength, and sprinting. The sport requires only special equipment such as a hoop, ball and athletic shoes.


Soccer Most Popular Women's Sport

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world which is played by most of the female athletes. It’s stylish for anyone who wants to build strength in their lower body and, at the same time, is interested in working out within a group. The essential equipment in this sport are thigh guards, soccer balls and cleats.

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