MasterChef Australia Winner List Series 1 to 13
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MasterChef Australia Winner List Series 1 to 13

There’s nothing better than an episode of MasterChef Australia to inspire you to get in the kitchen and cook something special for friends and family. Many of the contestants are now household names in the field of celebrity cooking in Australia, but some have gotten over their winnings and gone in a different direction.

We look at what the winners from the all seasons of MasterChef are up to now.

MasterChef Australia Season 1 Winner: Julie Goodwin (2009)

After quitting her IT job and ending a chapter in her life that wasn’t easy for her, the mother of three auditioned for the first season of MasterChef Australia. But her luck and the taste of her hands impressed the judges and she became Australia’s first MasterChef. Now, she is enjoying a new chapter in her life as a breakfast radio star, author of several cookbooks and has also launched her own cooking school.

MasterChef Australia Season 2 Winner: Adam Liaw (2010)

The better question is what Adam Liaw didn’t do. The MasterChef Season 2 winner has published six cookbooks (and counting). He has hosted his fair share of food and travel shows and is a regular contributor to Sunday Life and Good Food. Three children (Christopher, Anna and Benji) keep him and his wife, Asami, busy.

MasterChef Australia Season 3 Winner: Kate Bracks (2011)

MasterChef Australia Season 3 Winner: Kate Bracks (2011)

MasterChef Australia Season 3 winner Kate Breaux is now living the life of her dreams. Her cookbook, The Sweet Life: Basics and Beyond, reflects her love for sweets and bakery items, which won her MasterChef Australia Season 3. She has been running workshops to help the needy and at the same time, helping the community with rescues. Eliminate waste and add flavor to your cooking.

MasterChef Australia Season 4 Winner: Andy Allen (2012)

MasterChef Australia Season 4 Winner: Andy Allen (2012)

Andy Allen has not escaped the clutches of the MasterChef kitchen! In a full-circle moment, he’s back on screen as one of a trio of MasterChef judges. In addition to his hosting program, he is also the co-owner of the Three Blue Ducks restaurant – the first MasterChef Australia contestant to be awarded the Chef’s Hat award.

MasterChef Australia Season 5 Winner: Emma Dean (2013)

MasterChef Australia Season 6 Winner: Brent Owens (2014)

Season 6 winner Brent Owens traveled the world after winning $250,000. He tried to make a positive impression with his knowledge of food. He has now started a food technology company with the aim of addressing some of the issues of food hunger. He is making good use of his prize money as well as his knowledge.

MasterChef Australia Season 6 Winner: Brent Owens (2014)

MasterChef Australia Season 6 Winner: Brent Owens (2014)

In a surprising turn of events, Brent Owens gave away $50,000 of his $250,000 prize money to fellow contestant and friend Amelia Jackson. After winning the season six crown, he won the Dig In! cookbook, she has since left the world of culinary arts and founded the biotech company Vitrophy Life Sciences. She also studied life sciences at Harvard University (and according to her Instagram bio, she’s a foodie).

MasterChef Australia Season 7 Winner: Bilie McKay (2015)

Billy Mackie, one of the fan favorites, is back on our screens this year for season one. After winning his season, he worked at Heston Blumenthal’s Michelin-starred restaurant, Fat Duck, before returning to his family’s dairy farm. The decision to return to MasterChef was a difficult one for Billy as his daughter Ada was 18 months old when filming began.

MasterChef Australia Season 8 Winner: Elena Duggan (2016)

After winning MasterChef Australia, Season 8, Elena dreams of opening a cafe of her own, but continues to work. She teaches needy students about leadership, hospitality skills, and home economics. He believes that students are the future of the country, so giving something to them is the biggest thing.

MasterChef Australia Season 9 Winner: Diana Chan (2017)

Diana has opened her own restaurant, Melbourne Canteen, after winning MasterChef Australia by one point. They are very proud of their pop-up restaurant. She also designs in-flight menus for Malaysia Airlines. She is forever grateful to MasterChef Australia for changing her life.

MasterChef Australia Season 10 Winner: Sashi Cheliah (2018)

2018 MasterChef winner Shashi Chelliah has been busy. He has two restaurants in Adelaide – Gaia by Sashi and Gaia Express. If you don’t live in South Australia, fear not, you can enjoy the magic of Sashi right at home with Sashi’s Secret, Sashi’s home cooking kit.

MasterChef Australia Season 11 Winner: Larissa Takchi (2019)

Just 22 years old, the lovely Rani won MasterChef Australia Season 11 in 2019. Now she is helping out in her family cafe and doing very well. Due to the lockdown and everything else, the family is now offering delivery and drive-thru dinner services.

MasterChef Australia Season 12 Winner: Emelia Jackson (2020)

The toughest season of MasterChef Australia i.e. Season 12 of 2020 was won by Amelia Jackson. After finishing third in season six, she came in season 12 and defeated bestie Laura Shard. The king of sweets, Reynolds Poernomo, won the trophy and the title of MasterChef.

MasterChef Australia Season 13 Winner: Justin Narayan (2021)

MasterChef Australia Season 13 Winner: Justin Narayan (2021)

The winner of last year’s MasterChef season, Justin Narayan finally got married after talking fondly about his on-screen wife. The youth pastor in Western Australia is now sharing cooking recipes online and recently started a YouTube channel.

Masterchef Australia Winners Name List of All Series Past to Present

SeasonWinnerRunner UpYear
1Julie GoodwinPoh Ling Yeow2009
2Adam LiawCallum Hann2010
3Kate BracksMichael Weldon2011
4Andy AllenJulia Taylor2012
5Emma DeanLynton Tapp2013
6Brent OwensLaura Cassa2014
7Billie McKayGeorgia Barnes2015
8Elena DugganMatt Sinclair2016
9Diana ChanBen Ungermann2017
10Sashi CheliahBen Borsht2018
11Larissa TakchiTessa Boersma2019
12Emelia JacksonLaura Sharrad2020
13Justin NarayanPete Campbell2021

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