Best Female Surfers You Definitely Need To Know About

Best Female Surfers You Definitely Need To Know About

Decades of brave women have broken down barriers in the industry and shaped women’s surfing into what it is today. From big wave riders to short-boarders to long-boarders, women’s surfing is credited with great athletes and famous female surfers past and present.

Molly Picklum (Australia)

The best surfer currently holding the No. 1 ranking is Molly Picklam

The best surfer currently holding the No. 1 ranking is Molly Picklam, a star surfer only 20 years old. This is her second year on the Women’s Championship Tour and today she is ranked No. 1, several points clear of second.

Tyler Wright (Australia)

Another Australian on top, the country with the most representation in this ranking of the top 10 female surfers in the world. Tyler Wright is more experienced at the age of 29. This is the thirteenth time she is participating on the Championship Tour.

In 2011, at age 17, she was awarded the Rookie of the Year trophy in her second year of competition on the Women’s Championship Tour.

Carissa Moore (Hawaii)

Carissa Moore (Hawaii) Best Female Surfers

Carissa Moore was born on August 27, 1992 in Honolulu, Hawaii and is a professional surfer. She first started surfing at the age of 5 when his father took him to the beach for the first time. Her father was also a professional swimmer.

Her career highlights include winning a total of five WSL Women’s World Tour Champions (2011,2013,1025,2019,2021) and the Olympic Gold Medal in women’s shortboard surfing in 2020.

Caitlin Simmers (United States)

It’s hard to know what to say about California baby Caitlin Simmers, because her story is just beginning. She won the US Open in 2021, then was denied a spot on the 2022 Championship Tour despite qualifying, a move not seen since equally talented teen Taj Burrows in 1997.

Tatiana Weston-Webb (Brazil)

Tatiana Weston-Webb (Brazil) Best Women Surfers In The World

Everyone loves Tatiana Weston-Webb, bubbly and excitingly goofy surfing under the Brazilian flag. Formerly representing Hawaii, Tati changed her nationality in order to better position herself for the upcoming Olympic Games. She is a powerful and energetic surfer and feels comfortable and confident in the resulting waves when conditions get a little too big. Her dynamic backhand approach has seen her finish third on the Jeep leaderboard among the many right-handers on the Championship Tour, but she has yet to reach her potential.

Caroline Marks (United States)

A multiple national champion and the youngest woman to compete in a World Surf League event, Caroline Marks of America is a youth phenomenon in surfing.

Forget peer pressure, Carolyn Marx’s three older brothers provided all the necessary encouragement she needed to climb to the top ranks in surfing. Despite choosing equestrian competition at an early age, Surfing won over sibling rivalry by the age of seven. And he had a full training facility in his own front yard, a surf break from the family home in Melbourne Beach, Florida.

Gabriela Bryan (Hawaii)

The 21-year-old is making his second appearance on the Hawaiian Championship Tour. However from 2019 onwards she started competing in a competition, most notably the Freshwater Pro in which she finished ninth.

Bettylou Sakura Johnson (Hawaii)

As we mentioned, unlike American Joe, Betilu turned 18 with the youngest being Caitlin Simmers. She has yet to win in CT, but won the 2020 qualifying series, which allowed him to enter the Championship Tour for the first time in 2021.

Stephanie Gilmore (Australia)

Stephanie Gilmore is one of the taller female surfers on this list, and that’s a big draw for our readers and voters. At 5’10”, she’s able to show off long legs, and with a constant smile on her face, it seems like she’s always in a good mood.

Isabella Nichols (Australia)

Isabella Nichols Famous Australia Female Surfers

Isabella Nicholls is 25 years old and this is her third year on the Championship Tour, although she also participated in previous editions as a wildcard or replacement. She could have entered as a wildcard or replacement as she has been participating in the qualification series since the age of 16 and has won 3 times in the different editions in which she has participated.

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