Fastest Tennis Players Of All Time

Fastest Tennis Players Of All Time

In tennis a faster player has a distinct advantage over his opponent. Not only can they get two more balls than the average person, but the fear of hitting balls a little better can force opponents to make mistakes.

Speed makes a big difference in tennis, especially in the modern game. Players must track down balls and string together long rallies to survive in a game that now takes place almost exclusively at the baseline.

All of the 10 that made this list were not only fast, but were even faster during their prime. After all, being quick on the tennis court is useless if a player can’t also make quick decisions and take full advantage of them.

Alex De Minaur

Alex De Minaur Fastest Tennis Players Of All Time

The fastest tennis player on the ATP Tour is Alex de Minaur. Many are looking forward to the next crop of tennis stars to make their true breakthrough on the ATP Tour. While a lot of players have skill, exceptional qualities will make the difference. For Alex de Minaur, his momentum could be what eventually propels him to a legitimate Grand Slam contender.

His court coverage also gets him in trouble at times, as he will play a little too defensive because he can get everything back. If he can turn his speed and agility into an offensive weapon, there’s a chance what they call a “speed demon” can take his game to another level.

Gael Monfils

Until Gael Monfils retires, he will always be on the list of fastest tennis players. During his prime, he was as quick as anyone else, and his highlight reel shows only part of the story.

Tracking the ball became Monfils’ specialty early in his career. Not only does he have speed, but his size and length allow him to reach almost everything. Having a great slide on clay courts and even hard courts also helps a lot.

Diego Schwartzman

Only 5’7″ tall, Diego Schwartzman needs some top-notch attributes to compete at the highest level of tennis. His speed is certainly a huge weapon, as he can run well on any surface. And Sometimes points can grind.

Schwartzman can not only reach the balls, but what he does with them is truly remarkable. Sometimes facing players a foot taller than him, he could cut balls in and be clever with his pace to turn points in his favour. His top speed, as well as stamina, has turned him into an incredible top 10 player.

Andy Murray

Andy Murray The World's Most Powerful Tennis Players

One of the most ordinary fast players to make this list is Andy Murray. He doesn’t necessarily appear sharp when he moves slowly between points, but video analysis shows he is one of the best in the game during his prime. His ability to track played balls played into his defensive style.

Once the injuries started piling up, Murray never achieved his full potential. He is still trying to give his best on the tour but his golden days are behind him.

Rafael Nadal

Has Rafael Nadal missed a step all these years? Even his biggest fans would say that he has. Does this mean he is not one of the fastest players on tour? by no means. At his peak, he was listed as the fastest player in the world, especially on his preferred clay surface.

He may not track as many balls as he did at the beginning of his career, but he still has outstanding court coverage and is almost impossible to pass at times.

Carlos Alcaraz

Tennis fans are very excited to see the future of Carlos Alcaraz. He is young, talented and can chase down almost any ball on the court. This opens up many opportunities for him to become a future Grand Slam champion with the right mindset.

There are quite a few comparisons between him and Rafael Nadal and speed is one of them. He’ll need to show a little more pace to move up this list, but he’s one to watch going forward.

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic Best Tennis Servers of All Time

Novak Djokovic is probably not as athletically sharp as he was at the peak of his career. That doesn’t mean she’s off your list entirely, but her highlight reel days may be over.

His speed on the court has always been a calling card, as he uses his quickness and flexibility to receive balls that few others can. He does very well on returns, and his full-court coverage is a thing of beauty. Anticipation also plays a big part in his ability to appear on the court faster than he can. It drives the opponents crazy as he hits balls which very few people get a chance to do.

Lleyton Hewitt

Lleyton Hewitt’s warrior mentality has allowed him to chase down balls that few others could during their prime. His speed is what allowed him to reach No. 1 in the world and win Grand Slam titles.

Unfortunately, his legs started to let him down a bit later in his career. Injuries started to pile up and he was out of the game after a relatively short career. His speed during his prime could match up with anyone on tour.

Fabio Fognini

Fabio Fognini should never have been this good at tennis. Known to be a late bloomer, he kept grinding on the tour and focused on the little things to reach where he is today. At 33, he is still at his peak, and he is looking to return to the top 10 in 2021.

How has he been able to pull off a late career resurgence? His speed and pace haven’t dipped at all, so once he got the mental aspect of the game down, he started to see better results.

Rod Laver

Rod Laver fastest Tennis serves in Tennis history

The first few to make this list deserve recognition for their speed during the era. Rod Laver is a perfect example, as he was a very fast, all-court player in the 1950s and 1960s. He’s not as fast as some of today’s top tennis players, but a lot has changed in the decades since.

Only 5’8″ tall, Laver could play a variety of games to suit his strengths. His serve and volley game worked because he was able to reach the net very quickly. He was able to move from side to side to open up opportunities. could easily walk

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