MTV Roadies Winners List & Price Money Of All Seasons
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MTV Roadies Winners List & Price Money Of All Seasons

MTV Roadies is one of the most popular television shows in India on MTV. People are crazy about it because of the concept and it is interesting show that people love to watch this show. The show has now completed 13 seasons and in fact the auditionees have formed a very strong bond with the show. The host and judges of this show are really big faces like Raghu Ram, Rajeev Laxman, Nikhil Chinappa and many more. So keep reading to know more about the Roadies prize money, winners, host, and more.

MTV Roadies Season 1 Winner : Rannvijay Singh (2003)

MTV Roadies Season 1 Winner Rannvijay Singh (2003)

Popular host-actor Rannvijay Singha is celebrating his 40th birthday today on 16th March. Born on 16 March 1983, Rannvijay is the only person who has not served in the Indian Army as his family has been serving in the Indian Army for six generations. Over the years, Rannvijay has hosted many shows and awards and is loved by the audience. Let us tell you that Rannvijay achieved stardom after winning MTV Roadies season 1.

MTV Roadies Season 2 Winner : Ayushmann Khurrana (2004)

MTV Roadies Season 2 Winner Ayushmann Khurrana (2004)

He won the second season of MTV Roadies. He is now among the top highest paid actors of the Indian Bollywood industry. He started his career as a television anchor. He is the winner of several awards including the National Film Fair Award and four Filmfare Awards.

MTV Roadies Season 3 Winner : Parul Shahi (2005)

Parul Shahi is the winner of MTV Roadies season 3. She was the first contestant from the Northeast to participate in MTV Roadies. Also she was the first girl to win Roadies. He is from Delhi, India. He did his schooling in Delhi. She learned to ride a bike from her father at the age of 12 and has been honing her biking skills ever since. He invested the prize money on his higher education.

MTV Roadies Season 4 Winner : Anthony Yeh (2006)

Anthony Yeh was the winner of season 4. A Kolkatan of Chinese descent, he was reportedly the dumbest person of the season. With his calm demeanor and dedication from the outset, Anthony’s victory was well worth the hype. Anthony Ye won the title in 2006–07 and received ₹3,75,500 in prize money.

MTV Roadies Season 5 Winner : Ashutosh Kaushik (2007)

Ashutosh Kaushik, born in Saharanpur, India, is an Indian actor, who has been a prominent Indian television personality. Ashutosh Kaushik is the winner of MTV Hero Honda Roadies 5.0 and Bigg Boss season two. He shot to fame when he participated in MTV Hero Honda Roadies 5.0 and won the show.

MTV Roadies Season 6 Winner : Nauman Sait (2008)

Nauman, who also had a twin brother in the show, won the title of Roadies in season 6. With his good looks and chiseled physique, Nauman was able to garner a lot of attention and his popularity soared after his Roadies journey. Now very few people know about them!

MTV Roadies Season 7 Winner : Anwar Syed (2010)

Anwar Syed is the winner of Roadies Season 7. He has done engineering from Bangalore. He is an MBA graduate from Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India. He is a cricket fan as well as a fitness freak. He worked in Mumbai and participated in Roadies for fun. After the show, he did not stay much in the limelight.

MTV Roadies Season 8 Winner : Anchal Khurana (2011)

Aanchal Khurana was the second woman to win a season of Roadies. In all his actions he displayed indomitable courage and determination. The show was interesting with a lot of tasks and challenges. The location of the show was determined in India and Brazil.

MTV Roadies Season 9 Winner : Vikas Khoker (2012)

MTV Roadies Season 9 Winner Vikas Khoker (2012)

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Vikas Gupta has been in the news for several reasons. From revealing that he is bisexual to alleging that his boyfriend ruined his life, Vikas has shared a lot on Bigg Boss 14. Another fresh and shocking allegation has been made by Roadies 9 winner Vikas Khokar.

MTV Roadies Season X (10) Winner : Palak Johal (2013)

Once again a girl has won the title of MTV ‘Roadies 10’. Palak Johal aka Gurmeet Kaur defeated her rival contestant Ramandeep Kaur to win the title of MTV ‘Roadies 10’. This is the third time that a girl has won the Roadies crown after going through many tough physical and mental tests. Aanchal won the title of Roadies in the eighth season and Parul won the title in Roadies 3.

MTV Roadies Season 11 (X1) Winner : Nikhil Sachdeva (2014)

Season 11 of Roadies was aired on MTV India. The workplaces were confined to the western states of India. It was undoubtedly an exciting season full of fun, fights and challenges. In the Grand Finale of Roadies X1, Nikhil Sachdeva registered his name in the Roadies Winners List. The show was hosted by Rannvijay Singh who added energy to the show.

MTV Roadies Season 12 (X2) Winner : Prince Narula (2015)

MTV Roadies Season 12 (X2) Winner Prince Narula (2015)

Prince Narula was the winner of season 12. It was reported that VJ Bani took over the hosting duties as Singha was out due to his work commitments. Prince Narula starred opposite Rannvijay in a few episodes of the Roadies franchise.

MTV Roadies Season X4 (13) Winner : Balraj Singh (2016)

Jalandhar based fitness trainer and model Balraj Singh Khehra, who has won MTV Roadies X4 season. He is the first turbaned Sikh to win the Roadies title.

MTV Roadies Season X5 (14) Winner : Shweta Mehta (2017)

The winner of Roadies Rising was Shweta Mehta. Shweta is a fitness enthusiast, and her social media handle is all about boxing, gymming and flaunting her abs.

MTV Roadies Season X6 (15) Winner : Kashish Thakur (2018)

The winner of Roadies Extreme was Kashish Thakur Pundir. He was a part of Neha Dhupia’s gang in the show. In an interview, Kashish expressed that it was the best day of his life when his name was announced as the winner.

MTV Roadies Season X7 (16) Winner : Arun Sharma (2019)

MTV Roadies Season X7 (16) Winner Arun Sharma (2019)

Arun Sharma was the winner of Roadies Real Heroes Season X7 held in 2018. He was awarded the ‘Drum Used Super Bike’. Week by week, Roadies Real Heroes show is moving towards the grand finale on 18th August 2019. He was from the “Raftaar Gang”.

MTV Roadies Season X8 (17) Winner : Hamid Bakrzi (2020-21)

MTV Roadies Season X8 (17) Winner Hamid Bakrzi (2020-21)

A Delhi boy named Hamid Barkji has been declared the winner of Roadies Season X8 18. Hamid holds Afghan nationality, but his family lives in Delhi. He has a passion for modeling and dancing and was a part of Nikhil’s team ‘Wafadaari’ this season. She is also an Instagram Influencer for Fitness Freaks; Along with this, he also loves traveling and listening to music.

MTV Roadies Season X9 (18) Winner : Nandini G & Ashish Bhatia (2022)

Season 19 has been really special in the history of Roadies. And that’s because it was for the first time that not just one but two contestants Nandini ji and Ashish Bhatia emerged as the winners of Roadies Season 19.

MTV Roadies Season X10 (19) Winner : Vashu Jain (2023)

MTV Roadies Season X10 (19) Winner : Vashu Jain (2023)

After witnessing unflinching grit, passion and determination, the 19th season of reality show, MTV Roadies – Karm ya Kaand, has its winner in Vashu Jain. During his auditions, the he blew the Gang Leaders’ minds with his exceptional physical strength and resilience, evoking an intense bidding war.

MTV Roadies Winners Name List & Price Money Of All Seasons

Runner Up
1 : Challenges Har Kadam Par2003Cyrus SahukarIndiaRannvijay Singh 5 lakhs
2 : Roadies Returns2004Rannvijay SinghIndiaAayushmann Khurrana 5 lakhs
3: Triple The Danger2005Rannvijay SinghIndiaParul Shahi3 lakh 6 thousand Rahul Sharma
4 : Road To Fear2006-07Rannvijay SinghIndiaAnthony Yeh3 lakh 75 thousand 5 hundredGurbani Judge
5 : Roadies 5.02007-08Rannvijay SinghIndia, Thailand & MalaysiaAshutosh Kaushik2 lakh 30 thousandNihal Nikam
6 : Roadies Hell Down Under2008-09Rannvijay SinghIndia & AustraliaNauman Sait3 lakh 62 thousandLonkiri Timung
7: Deadly Sins & 1 Wild Safari2009-10Rannvijay Singh & Bani JIndia, Kenya & EgyptAnwar Syed90 thousandZaid Bin Nazir
8 : Shortcut to Hell2011Rannvijay SinghIndia & BrazilAanchal Khurana4 lakhsMohit Saggar
9 : Everything or Nothing2012Rannvijay SinghIndia & United StatesVikas Khoker6 lakh
17 thousand
Himani Sharma
X : Battle for Glory2013Bani JIndiaPalak Johal4 lakh
50 thousand
Ramandeep Kaur Dhillon
X1 : Ride for Respect2014Bani JIndiaNikhil Sachdeva3 lakh
20 thousand 
Utkarsh Khanna
X2 : Your Road, Your Gang2015Bani JIndia, NepalPrince Narula5 lakhsGurmeet Singh Rehal
X4 : Your Gang, Your Glory2016Gaelyn MendoncaIndia, BhutanBalraj Singh KhehraRenault duster carNavdeesh Singh
X5 : Roadies Rising2017Gaelyn MendoncaIndiaShweta MehtaRenault duster carBaseer Ali
X6 : Roadies Xtreme2018Rannvijay SinghIndiaKashish ThakurRenault duster carPreeti Kuntal
X7 : Real Heroes2019Rannvijay SinghIndiaArun SharmaDhoom (super bike) Ankita Pathak
X8 : Revolution2020-21Rannvijay SinghIndiaHamid BarkziJawa BikeMichael Ajay
X9 : Journey in South Africa2022Sonu SoodSouth AfricaJashwanth Bopanna & Yukti Arora10 LakhsJashwanth Bopanna & Yukti Arora
X10: Karm Ya Kand2023Sonu SoodIndiaVashu Jain5 LakhsSiwet Tomar
MTV Roadies Winners Name List & Price Money Of All Seasons

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