Most Man Of The Match Awards In IPL 2023
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Most Man Of The Match Award In IPL 2023

You can easily check yesterday’s IPL man of the match and today’s IPL man of the match awards in the following list. The list of players with maximum player of the match award will be listed below.

The Man of the Match award winner will get Rs 1,00,000 as prize money every time in this IPL T20. Let us see who will be win most man of the match awards in IPL T20 history this year.

Most Man Of The Match Awards List IPL 2023

1Shubhman GillGT16164
2Yashasvi JaiswalRR14144
3Faf Du PlessisRCB14143
4Marcus StoinisLSG14143
5Ravindra JadejaCSK14143
6Devon ConwayCSK16153
7Rashid KhanGT13132
8Rinku SinghKKR14142
9Mohit SharmaGT11112
10Virat KohliRCB14142
11Ruturaj GaikwadCSK15142

The Importance of the Today’s Man of the Match Award in IPL 2023

The Man of the Match award is one of the most prestigious individual awards in cricket. It recognizes the player who has contributed the most to the team’s victory through exceptional skill and performance. The award is highly coveted by the players as it not only boosts their confidence but also enhances their prestige and value as cricketers.

IPL Man of the Match List 2023

DateFixtureMan Of
The Match
131-MarchCSK vs GTRashid Khan2/26AhmedabadGT won by 5 wickets
201-AprilPBKS vs KKRArshdeep Singh3/19ChandigarhPBKS won by 7 runs
301-AprilLSG vs DCMark Wood5/14LucknowLSG won by 50 runs
402-AprilRR vs SRHJos Buttler54(22)HyderabadRR won by 72 runs
502-AprilMI vs RCBFaf Du Plessis73(43)BengaluruRCB won by 8 wickets
603-AprilCSK vs LSGMoeen Ali19(13) 4/26ChennaiCSK won by 12 runs
704-AprilDC vs GTSai Sudharshan62(48)DelhiGT won by 6 wickets
805-AprilPBKS vs RRNathan Ellis4/30GuwahatiPBKS won by 5 runs
906-AprilKKR vs RCBShardul Thakur68(29) 1/15KolkataKKR won by 81 runs
1007-AprilSRH vs LSGKrunal Pandya34(23) 3/18LucknowLSG won by 5 wickets
1108-AprilRR vs DCYashasvi Jaiswal60(31)GuwahatiRR won by 57 runs
1208-AprilMI vs CSKRavindra Jadeja3/20MumbaiCSK won by 7 wickets
1309-AprilGT vs KKRRinku Singh48(21)AhmedabadKKR won by 3 wickets
1409-AprilPBKS vs SRHShikhar Dhawan99(66)HyderabadSRH won by 8 wickets
1510-AprilRCB vs LSGNicholas Pooran62(19)BengaluruLSG won by 1 wickets
1611-AprilDC vs MIRohit Sharma65(45)DelhiMI won by 6 wickets
1712-AprilRR vs CSKRavichandran Ashwin30(22) 2/25ChennaiRR won by 3 runs
1813-AprilPBKS vs GTMohit Sharma2/18ChandigarhGT won by 6 wickets
1914-AprilSRH vs KKRHarry Brook100(55)KolkataSRH won by 23 runs
2015-AprilRCB vs DCVirat Kohli50(34)BengaluruRCB won by 23 runs
2115-AprilLSG vs PBKSSikandar Raza57(41) 1/19LucknowPBKS won by 2 wickets
2216-AprilKKR vs MIVenkatesh Iyer104(51)MumbaiMI won by 5 wickets
2316-AprilGT vs RRShimron Hetmayer56(26)AhmedabadRR won by 3 wickets
2417-AprilCSK vs RCBDevon Conway83(45)BengaluruCSK won by 8 runs
2518-AprilMI vs SRHCameron Green64(40) 1/29HyderabadMI won by 14 runs
2619-AprilLSG vs RRMarcus Stoinis21(16) 2/28JaipurLSG won by 10 runs
2720-AprilRCB vs PBKSMohammed Siraj4/21ChandigarhRCB won by 24 runs
2820-AprilKKR vs DCIshant Sharma2/19DelhiDC won by 4 wickets
2921-AprilSRH vs CSKRavindra Jadeja3/22ChennaiCSK won by 7 wickets
3022-AprilGT vs LSGMohit Sharma2/17LucknowGT won by 7 runs
3122-AprilPBKS vs MISam Curran55(29) 0/41 MumbaiPBKS won by 13 runs
3223-AprilRCB vs RRGlenn Maxwell77(44) 0/25BengaluruRCB won by 7 runs
3323-AprilCSK vs RRAjinkya Rahane71(29)KolkataCSK won by 49 runs
3424-AprilDC vs SRHAxar Patel34(34) 2/21HyderabadDC won by 7 runs
3525-AprilGT vs MIAbhinav Manohar42(21)AhmedabadGT won by 55 runs
3626-AprilKKR vs RCBVarun Chakravarthy3/27BengaluruKKR won by 21 runs
3727-AprilRR vs CSKYashasvi Jaiswal77(43)JaipurRR won by 32 runs
3828-AprilLSG vs PBKSMarcus Stoinis72(40) 1/21ChandigarhLSG won by 56 runs
3929-AprilKKR vs GTJosh Little2/25KolkataGT won by 7 wickets
4029-AprilSRH vs DCMitchell Marsh63(39) 4/27DelhiSRH won by 9 runs
4130-AprilCSK vs PBKSDevon Conway92(52)ChennaiPBKS won by 4 wickets
4230-AprilRR vs MIYashasvi Jaiswal124(62)MumbaiMI won by 6 wickets
4301-MayRCB vs LSGFaf Du Plessis44(40)LucknowRCB won by 18 runs
4402-MayDC vs GTMohammed Shami4/11AhmedabadDC won by 5 runs
4503-MayLSG vs CSKLucknowMatch Abandoned Due To Rain
4603-MayPBKS vs MIIshan Kishan75(41)ChandigarhMI won by 6 wickets
4704-MayKKR vs SRHvarun Chakravarthy1/20HyderabadKKR won by 5 runs
4805-MayRR vs GTRashid Khan3/14JaipurGT won by 9 wickets
4906-MayMI vs CSKMatheesha Pathirana3/15ChennaiCSK won by 6 wickets
5006-MayRCB vs DCPhilip Salt87(45)DelhiDC won by 7 wickets
5107-MayGT vs LSGShubhman Gill94(51)AhmedabadGT won by 56 runs
5207-MayRR vs SRHGlenn Phillips25(7)JaipurSRH won by 4 wickets
5308-MayPBKS vs KKRAndre Russell42(23) 0/19KolkataKKR won by 5 wickets
5409-MayRCB vs MISuryakumar Yadav83(35)MumbaiMI won by 6 wickets
5510-MayCSK vs DCRavindra Jadeja21(16) 1/19ChennaiCSK won by 27 runs
5611-MayKKR vs RRYashasvi Jaiswal98(47)KolkataRR won by 9 wickets
5712-MayMI vs GTSuryakumar Yadav103(49)MumbaiMI won by 27 runs
5813-MaySRH vs LSGPrerak Mankad64(45)HyderabadLSG won by 7 wickets
5913-MayPBKS vs DCPrabhsimran Singh103(65)DelhiPBKS won by 31 runs
6014-MayRCB vs RRWayne Parnell3/10JaipurRCB won by 112 runs
6114-MayCSK vs KKRRinku Singh54(53)ChennaiKKR won by 6 wickets
6215-MayGT vs SRHShubhman Gill101(58)AhmedabadGT won by 34 runs
6316-MayLSG vs MIMarcus Stoinis89(47)LucknowLSG won by 5 runs
6417-MayPBKS vs DCRilee Rossouw82(37)DharamsalaDC won by 15 runs
6518-MaySRH vs RCBVirat Kohli100(63)HyderabadRCB won by 8 wickets
6619-MayPBKS vs RRDevdutt Padikkal51(30)DharamsalaRR won by 4 wickets
6720-MayCSK vs DCRuturaj Gaikwad77(50)DelhiCSK won by 77 runs
6820-MayLSG vs KKRNicholas Pooran58(30)KolkataLSG won by 1 run
6921-MaySRH vs MICameron Green100(47)*MumbaiMi won by 8 wickets
7021-MayRCB vs GTShubhman Gill104(52)*BengaluruGT won by 6 wickets
7123-MayCSK vs GTRuturaj Gaikwad60(44)ChennaiCSK won by 15 runs
7224-MayLSG vs MIAkash Madhwal5/5ChennaiMI won by 81 runs
7326-MayGT vs MIShubhman Gill60(129)AhmedabadGT won by 62 runs
7429-MayGT vs CSKDevon Conway47(25)AhmedabadCSK won by 5 wickets

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has got most man of the match in IPL 2023?

The Rajasthan Royals batsman Yashasvi Jaiswal has earned a whopping 4 man of the match awards in IPL 2023.

Who hits most sixes in IPL 2023?

The Royal Challengers Banglore Player Faf Du Plessis hits most 34 sixes in IPL 2023

Who hits most fours in IPL 2023?

The Rajsatha Royal Batsman Yashasvi Jaiswal hits most 74 fours in IPL 2023

Who got the most man of the match in cricket?

Indian former batsman & legend, Sachin Tendulkar has won the most man of the match in cricket.

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