Most Beautiful Chess Players In The World

Most Beautiful Chess Players In The World

This article will discuss the most beautiful female chess players in the world and their history. There are many great female chess players who can beat any male player, and each one is unique in their own special way. You will learn how he started playing, how he started playing professionally and in which tournaments he is currently playing. Some of these players have also won championships which is a great achievement.

Chess is a game that has been around for thousands of years, and it has evolved into what we see today. This game can be played for hours without significant injuries to other players. This makes chess one of the most popular sports. Not only do you have to think before you act, but you also have to pay attention to your opponent’s every move, so when you’re on checkmate, you’ll know what your opponent is going to do before you make a move. , It requires a lot of thought and concentration.

Most Beautiful & Hottest Female Chess Players In The World

Anna Rudolf

Hungarian chess queen Anna Rudolph is surely among the hot chess players to follow this year. Apart from chess, he is also a Twitch streamer and YouTuber with his own channels. However, she first came to prominence by becoming a three-time Hungarian women’s national champion.

Anna Rudolf Female Diva in Chess

She has represented Hungary in the Chess Olympiad. She is also among the very few chess players who have defeated at least two international champions with more than 2600 FIDE ratings. Besides her usual chess participation, she is also known for her chess commentary.

She achieved her peak FIDE rating of 2393 in July 2010. And currently, it is still holding its position above 2300 mark. She received the “Outstanding Athlete of the City” award in Batajec in 2017.

Alexandra Botez

You’ve certainly had the opportunity to watch Alexandra on YouTube, even if you don’t watch chess competitions like the Women’s Chess Championship. Alexandra Botez, together with her sister Andrea, runs a YouTube channel dedicated to chess.

She is an American-Canadian female chess player with exceptional chess skills but also a stunning physical presence, which is enough to place her high on the list of most popular chess players. Botez runs both a Twitch streaming channel and his YouTube channel. It is enough to see him only once; You will say that they are as beautiful as they are beautiful.

Dorsa Derakhshani

Dorsa Derakhshani Hot American Chess Player

Dorsa Derakhshani won three gold medals at the Asian Youth Chess Championships in 2013 and 2014. She was a member of the Iranian women’s team at the Asian Nations Cup in 2012 and 2014. Derakhshani also earned the title of FIDE Trainer in 2016 and is FIDE- certified. certified. certified. Accredited Journalist. Derakhshani spoke at TEDxTalk in July 2019 in Munich, Germany. He reminded the audience at TEDxYouth@München to value their freedom of choice.

Anna Ushenina

Anna Ushenina, a Ukrainian chess grandmaster, was born on 30 August 1985 in Kharkiv. She is the 14th world champion, having won the 2012 final against Antonetta Stefanova. Ushenina earned the title of Grandmaster after winning the World Championships. However, Ushenina failed to defend her world title in 2013 after losing 1.5–5.5 against Hou Yifan.

Anna Muzychuk

Anna Muzychuk Hot Girl Chess Player

Anna Muzychuk is a female sportswoman from Ukraine. Something interesting about her is that she was one of only four female chess players to compete at a minimum 2600 FDE rating in July 2012.

Muzychuk grew up in a chess family where his younger sister became a grandmaster. Anna learned to play chess at the age of two with the help of her parents. And it took him very little time to win the tournament. At the age of four, she had already come second in a girls’ chess competition.

Alexandra Kosteniuk

Alexandra Kosteniuk Hottest Russian Chess Player

Alexandra Kosteniuk, known worldwide as Chesquin, is an International Grandmaster and Women’s World Champion. She became the youngest female Grandmaster of her time at only 14 years old. She was the runner-up at the Women’s World Championships, where she lost in a tie-breaker. Additionally, she has been very active in promoting chess around the world and has written three books on chess and a workbook to promote children’s chess skills. You will see that she remains very active on her social media platforms.

Tatiana Kosintseva

Tatiana Kosintseva Gorgeous Female Chess Player

Tatiana is of Russian native. She has the perfect combination of long hair, athletic body and expressive eyes when it comes to board games. In 2007, she was awarded the title of Grandmaster by FIDE. She won two gold medals in the 2010 and 2012 Women’s Chess Olympiads.

At the age of six, she started playing chess with her older sister, Nadezhda. Taking them to a chess club for the first time when they were both quite young also had an impact on their lives. She also played in the Women’s European Championships, where she was the multiple European champion.

Lanita Stetsko

Belarusian chess player Lanita Statsko is indeed one of the super-hot chess players to watch this year. From 2003 to 2010, she held the Belarusian Girls Chess Championship titles, competing in various age groups and winning them all.

She won the Belarusian Women’s Chess Championship for the first time in 2015. However, he also bagged two silver medals and two more bronze medals during his career between 2010 and 2017. And in December 2016, she became the International Women’s Chess Tournament Champion.

Anna Zatonskih

Anna Zatonskih Hot Female Chess Player

Another hot chess player who deserves her place on this special list is Anna Zatonski. She is a Ukrainian and American player and chess teacher. Zatonski was on the notable bronze winning team at the 2007 Olympiad.

Opponents would describe him as a humble man but a tough competitor. She holds titles such as Woman Grandmaster (International Master) and Chess Champion and World Champion.

Anna Sharevich

Anna Sharevich Most Beautiful Female Chess Players In The World

The more you look for information on Anna, the more you are convinced that she is the hottest chess player ever!

Take a look at this picture of Anna at a charity event! No wonder her sensuous belly dance has earned her the title of Queen of Sports! And here is another picture of this brainy chess player that boggles the imagination and leaves viewers wondering what is hidden behind the chess table!

Antoaneta Stefanova

Antoaneta Stefanova Hottest Female Chess Players In The World

Bulgaria is another country where women are often praised for their attractive looks. Stefanova is one of those beautiful women who has won our hearts with her smart moves and good looks. In fact, she is the Bulgarian Chess Grandmaster and Women’s World Champion from 2004 to 2006. Also, she has represented her country in the Chess Olympiad in 2000 and the Women’s Chess Olympiad since 1992. As per sources, his FIDE rating is 2491.

Triin Narva

Triin Narva Hottest Female Chess Grandmaster

Train Narva is an Estonian female chess master born on November 12, 1994. (2016). Train Narva was born into a chess-playing household. She is the granddaughter of Boris Rautov, the Estonian chess champion, and Merike Rautova, the Woman International Chess Master Correspondence Chess. Her father, Jaan Narva, is a FIDE Master, and her mother, Regina Narva, and sister, Mai Narva, were both champions of the Estonian Women’s Chess Championship.

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