Chess Olympiad All-Time Winners List

Chess Olympiad All-Time Winners List

The first Chess Olympiad was held in Paris in 1924 but it was unofficial under the individual category. An attempt was made to include it in the 1924 Olympics but it was unsuccessful because it was difficult to distinguish between amateur and professional players. FIDE was formed in 1924. In 1926, the Second Informal Chess Olympiad was held in Budapest, Hungary which was a team tournament, and was a part of FIDE.

The first official Chess Olympiad was held in London in 1927 and the tournament was held. It was held annually and at regular intervals until World War II. Since 1950, the Olympiad has been held regularly every two years.

Let’s take a look at the winners of the Chess Olympiad and the medal winners.

19241st unofficial Chess Olympiad
The Chess Olympiad (individual)
Paris, FranceCzechoslovakia 31Hungary 30Switzerland 29
19262nd unofficial Chess Olympiad
The Team Tournament
(part of FIDE summit)
Budapest, HungaryHungary 9Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes 8Romania 5
19271st Chess OlympiadLondon, United KingdomHungary 40Denmark 38½England 36½
19282nd Chess OlympiadThe Hague, NetherlandsHungary 44United States 39½Poland 37
19303rd Chess OlympiadHamburg, GermanyPoland 48½Hungary 47Germany 44½
19314th Chess OlympiadPrague, CzechoslovakiaUnited States 48Poland 47Czechoslovakia 46½
19335th Chess OlympiadFolkestone, United KingdomUnited States 39Czechoslovakia 37½Sweden 34
19356th Chess OlympiadWarsaw, PolandUnited States 54Sweden 52½Poland 52
19363rd unofficial Chess Olympiad
non-FIDE unofficial Chess Olympiad
Munich, GermanyHungary 110½Poland 108Germany 106½
19377th Chess OlympiadStockholm, SwedenUnited States 54½Hungary 48½Poland 47
19398th Chess OlympiadBuenos Aires, ArgentinaGermany 36Poland 35½Estonia 33½
19509th Chess OlympiadDubrovnik, YugoslaviaYugoslavia 45½Argentina 43½West Germany 40½
195210th Chess OlympiadHelsinki, FinlandSoviet Union 21Argentina 19½Yugoslavia 19
195411th Chess OlympiadAmsterdam, NetherlandsSoviet Union 34Argentina 27Yugoslavia 26½
195612th Chess OlympiadMoscow, Soviet UnionSoviet Union 31Yugoslavia 26½Hungary 26½
195813th Chess OlympiadMunich, West GermanySoviet Union 34½Yugoslavia 29Argentina 25½
196014th Chess OlympiadLeipzig, East GermanySoviet Union 34United States 29Yugoslavia 27
196215th Chess OlympiadVarna, BulgariaSoviet Union 31½Yugoslavia 28Argentina 26
196416th Chess OlympiadTel Aviv, IsraelSoviet Union 36½Yugoslavia 32West Germany 30½
196617th Chess OlympiadHavana, CubaSoviet Union 39½United States 34½Hungary 33½
196818th Chess OlympiadLugano, SwitzerlandSoviet Union 39½Yugoslavia 31Bulgaria 30
197019th Chess OlympiadSiegen, West GermanySoviet Union 27½Hungary 26½Yugoslavia 26
197220th Chess OlympiadSkopje, YugoslaviaSoviet Union 42Hungary 40½Yugoslavia 38
197421st Chess OlympiadNice, FranceSoviet Union 46Yugoslavia 37½United States 36½
197622nd Chess Olympiad #Haifa, IsraelUnited States 37Netherlands 36½England 35½
1976Against Chess OlympiadTripoli, LibyaEl Salvador 38½Tunisia 36Pakistan 34½
197823rd Chess OlympiadBuenos Aires, ArgentinaHungary 37Soviet Union 36United States 35
198024th Chess OlympiadValletta, MaltaSoviet Union 39Hungary 39Yugoslavia 35
198225th Chess OlympiadLucerne, SwitzerlandSoviet Union 42½Czechoslovakia 36United States 35
198426th Chess OlympiadThessaloniki, GreeceSoviet Union 41England 37United States 35
198627th Chess OlympiadDubai, United Arab EmiratesSoviet Union 40England 39United States 38
198828th Chess OlympiadThessaloniki, GreeceSoviet Union 40½England 34½Netherlands 34½
199029th Chess OlympiadNovi Sad, YugoslaviaSoviet Union 39United States 35½England 35½
199230th Chess OlympiadManila, PhilippinesRussia 39Uzbekistan 35Armenia 34½
199431st Chess OlympiadMoscow, RussiaRussia 37½Bosnia and Herzegovina 35Russia “B” 34½
199632nd Chess OlympiadYerevan, ArmeniaRussia 38½Ukraine 35United States 34
199833rd Chess OlympiadElista, RussiaRussia 35½United States 34½Ukraine 32½
200034th Chess OlympiadIstanbul, TurkeyRussia 38Germany 37Ukraine 35½
200235th Chess OlympiadBled, SloveniaRussia 38½Hungary 37½Armenia 35
200436th Chess OlympiadCalvià, SpainUkraine 39½Russia 36½Armenia 36½
200637th Chess OlympiadTurin, ItalyArmenia 36China 34United States 33
200838th Chess OlympiadDresden, GermanyArmenia 19Israel 18United States 17
201039th Chess OlympiadKhanty-Mansiysk, RussiaUkraine 19Russia 18Israel 17
201240th Chess OlympiadIstanbul, TurkeyArmenia 19Russia 19Ukraine 18
201441st Chess OlympiadTromsø, NorwayChina 19Hungary 17India 17
201642nd Chess OlympiadBaku, AzerbaijanUnited States 20Ukraine 20Russia 18
201843rd Chess OlympiadBatumi, GeorgiaChina 18United States 18Russia 18
2020Online Chess Olympiad $(Virtual)India = RussiaUnited States
2021Online Chess Olympiad $China (Virtual)RussiaUnited StatesIndia
202244th Chess OlympiadChennai, IndiaUzbekistanArmeniaIndia
202445th Chess OlympiadBudapest, Hungary

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