Top 10 Worst Goalkeepers Of All Time

Top 10 Worst Goalkeepers Of All Time

The position of goalkeeper is considered one of the most important roles. A good shot-stopper carries the team’s expectations and must be active with accurate blocking skills and ball-handling ability. Who is the worst goalkeeper of all time?

Unfortunately, not many football players can match their more famous counterparts ranked as the greatest football players in the world. However, critics of the worst players underestimate or judge them too quickly. Here is a list of goalkeepers whose mistakes on the pitch have earned them worldwide infamy.

Massimo Taibi

No question asked, Massimo Taibi is the worst defender of all time in professional soccer. Sir Alex Ferguson signed the ‘top class’ goalkeeper for over £9m and the Scot was a keen admirer of the Italian. Tibby put in a man of the match performance on his debut against Liverpool, but it got tougher for him from then on.

Massimo Taibi is the worst defender of all time in professional soccer

Tabby played against Chelsea and scored five goals in the game at Stamford Bridge. His career at Manchester United ended when he played for Southampton at Old Trafford. Matt Le Tissier had the ball in the middle of the park and took a shot from about 30 yards which then rolled along the turf towards the goal and then disaster struck…

Peter Enckelman

Former Finland goalkeeper Peter Enckelmann is another goalkeeping legend. Once again, the man between the sticks has enjoyed playing for a number of different clubs. This ranged from Blackburn Rovers and Cardiff City to Scottish club Heart of Midlothian. Yet he was most famous for appearing between the sticks for Aston Villa. He was not the most liked side at Villa Park and this football bird was linked when he appeared in the Midlands derby.

Enkelmann played for Villars against Birmingham City at St Andrews, where they were losing by two goals to nil. After taking a throw-in that was aimed towards the keeper, what happened next turned out to be simply indescribable. As the play developed, Enckelmann let the ball slip out from under his feet and rolled into the back of the net in agony.


If Massimo Taibi was bad, then Ricciardo was even worse, maybe worse. Fergie was unlucky again. The shot-stopper arrived from La Liga to cover for Carroll and Barthez but he never really hit it off.

The Red Devils paid $2.5 million for his services, but even though it may not sound like a lot, it was throwing money out the window. He only made 1 appearance and gave away a penalty in only 10 minutes of that game. It was packed and shipped almost immediately. If possible, United would prefer to erase his name from their history.

Andy Dibble

Andy Dibble Worst Goalkeeper in the world ever

With a long career in football, Dibble began his career as a left-back and many pundits believe that he should never have changed his role to goalkeeping. The duel between the Poles was a complete failure.

His lack of quality saw him replaced as second-choice keeper at Manchester City in favor of 43-year-old John Burridge, who was the oldest goalkeeper to play in the EPL. In 1998 he was offered the chance to resurrect his career by Middlesbrough.

Gunnar Nielsen

Gunnar Nielsen played for several clubs in Europe, including Blackburn Rovers, Manchester City and Motherwell. He often served as a backup goalkeeper, which limited his opportunities to showcase his abilities at the highest level. He could have done well but sometimes even the worst goalkeeper makes mistakes.

Heurelho Gomes

Gomes’ first season at Spurs saw the club’s goalkeeping coach sacked – with the club in the relegation zone – in November due to frequent fouls.

He was fine between injuries, and was then sent-off against Inter, conceding poor goals against Chelsea and Real, and Spurs brought in a 60-year-old Brad Friedel on a free transfer to replace him. Signed. I don’t think anything more needs to be said.

Stephen Bywater

Stephen Bywater Worst Goalkepeers Of All Time

Officially down in the record books as part of the worst team in Premier League history, Stephen Bywater is a shoe-in for such a list. He played a key role in Derby County’s campaign in the Premier League, where he appeared on 19 separate occasions. This included conceding over 40 goals with only two clean sheets to his name. After this uneventful period, Bywater drifted like a nomad and appeared for Ipswich Town among a string of other clubs.

Fraser Digby

Fraser Digby is widely regarded as the worst goalkeeper in the history of the Premier League. In 240 appearances for Swindon, Digby conceded a rate of 2.3 goals per game. He is attributed with making the worst goalkeeper mistake at Swindon, conceding 65 goals with a clean sheet of only four goals.

Adam Bogdan

Adam Bogdan Worst Goalkeepe Ever

Most of the goalkeepers on this list performed notoriously for a single Premier League club, but Hungary’s Adam Bogdan was terrifying for two sides. After making a handful of appearances for Bolton Wanderers after signing for them in the summer of 2007, Bogdan took over as the Trotters #1 for parts of 2011/12 when Jussi Jaaskelainen suffered a few injuries.

He later let in 5 goals against Chelsea, and even conceded a 102-yard goal from opposing keeper Tim Howard during a game against Everton, finishing the season with 20 Premier League appearances as Bolton were relegated. was given. was given. The following season he lost his place at the Reebok Stadium – it was indeed shocking when Brendan Rodgers brought him to Liverpool in the summer of 2015 as backup to Simon Mignolet.

Jens Lehmann

Was Jens Lehmann a good keeper? Lehmann was one of the best goalkeepers to have played for Arsenal. However, his antics and indiscipline earned him much notoriety. He is undoubtedly one of the worst goalkeepers in the history of the Premier League. He is known for urinating behind his goalpost during a match, which is watched by millions.

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