Hockey World Cup Winners List (1971-2023)
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Hockey World Cup Winners List (1971-2023)

The Hockey World Cup is an international field hockey competition administered by the International Hockey Federation (FIH). The Hockey World Cup competition started in 1971. The first two competitions were held at an interval of two years, but later this interval was reduced to four years. So now this competition is held every four years after 1975.

Only six of the 26 participating countries have won the Hockey World Cup in its 14 iterations, with Pakistan being the most successful team with four titles and two runner-up finishes.

The next two top teams are Australia and the Netherlands, each of which has three championships. The Dutch have placed third twice and second place four times, respectively. The Australians have placed third five times and second twice.

Men’s Hockey World Cup Winner List

1973NetherlandsNetherlandsIndia2–2, Penalty Strokes (4–2)
1982IndiaPakistanWest Germany3–1
1994AustraliaPakistanNetherlands1–1, Penalty Strokes (4–3)
1998NetherlandsNetherlandsSpain3–2 (After extra time)
2018IndiaBelgiumNetherlands0-0, Penalty Shootout (3-2)
2023IndiaGermanyBelgium3-3, Penalty Shootout (5-4)

Hockey World Cup Winner Countries With Number Of Titles & Years

CountryNo. Of TitlesYear
Pakistan41971, 1978, 1982, 1994
Netherlands31973, 1990, 1998
Australia31986, 2010, 2014
Germany22002, 2006

Frequently Asked Questions

Who won the 1st hockey World Cup?

Pakistan won the first Hockey World Cup.

How many World Cups India won in hockey?

India’s only world cup victory in hockey came in 1975.

What were the venues for Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023?

The matches were played in two venues Bhubaneshwar and Rourkela.

How many teams participated in Hockey World Cup 2023?

16 teams participated in the hockey world cup 2023.

Who won the hockey world cup 2023?

Germany is the winner of the hockey world cup in 2023.

Who is the runner-up of the hockey world cup 2023?

Belgium is the runner-up in the hockey world cup 2023.

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